Signs You Need a Water Softener System

You have probably heard it before. Hard water tastes bad, corrodes piping, clogs hot water heaters and leaves a streaky film all over your shower. And while all these are very noticeable, sometimes they are subtle enough to evade your notice. You are busy after all. Who has time to inspect the water heater plumbing on a monthly basis? Below is a list of signs that you may need to install a water softener system.

What is Hard Water?

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Let’s start with the basics though. What is hard water, you may be asking?

Hard water is tap water that has a high concentration of minerals and other sediments in it. Hard water is formed when water percolates through deposits of limestone and chalk which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates. These sediments either are not or cannot be fully removed during the treatment process. Well water and water drawn directly from underground aquifers are particular susceptible to excess mineral deposits.

Sign 1: Dishes Stay Dirty

This is a mild problem, but it is the first sign that you may have a hard water issue that needs to be addressed. As the drops of water from the dishwasher evaporate, they can leave behind  hard water deposits on the dishes. These “hard water spots” as they are called are most easily seen on glass dishware. If you have white, chalky spotting on your glass dishware, it is like an indication of a hard water problem.

Sign 2: Lackluster Clothes

Another, more subtle sign that you may have a hard water issue is when you can’t keep your whites white and the colors fad faster than normal.

Sign 3 : Dry Skin and Fried Hair

Hard water can be very hard on your skin and hair. If you notice that you are needing to apply more moisturizer than usual or have course, dry hair and flaky scalp, the problem may not be your shampoo, but the water you’re using.

Sign 4 : Plumbing Issues

If you have plumbing issues due to a hard water issue, this is the sign that you need a water softening system installed. Hard water can wreak untold and costly havoc on modern plumbing, including water heaters and piping. A water softener system neutralizes the deposits and removes corrosion cuasing sediments.

Water Softener System with Johnson Plumbing Reno

As the premier pluming service in the Northern Nevada and Reno area, Johnson Plumbing can help solve your hard water issues by installing a water softener system. A water softener system works to neutralize the hard water minerals that wreak havoc on your plumbing, clothes, skin and hair. Contact us today to get your hard water issue under control!

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