Bathroom Remodeling Considerations

Real estate agents and home appraisers are in agreement: the look and design of a bathroom dramatically affects home value. Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. Those are the facts. And if your bathroom is run down and sporting out of style faucets and sinks, it can be a real disincentive for potential buyers. So if you are thinking of selling your home in the near future or just want a bathroom that is presentable to guests, a bathroom remodeling project can increase the value of your home, incentivize potential buyers and impress your visitors. But before taking the plunge on a bathroom remodeling project, there are a few things you should consider and a few things to keep in mind throughout the whole project. Let’s take a look.

Do your HomeworkReno Bathroom Remodeling, image of bathroom

Before you start on a bathroom remodel, consider the look and feel that you want to strive for. Make sure it is consistent, but not identical, with the layout and design of the other rooms in your house. Also, it is a good idea to get a feel for how the design integrates into the surrounding neighborhood. Potential buyers are often turned off by outlandish, out of place designs and often consider them tacky.

Don’t Overdo it

Remodel overkill is a thing. If you are trying to sell your house, make sure that the investment that you are making into the remodel is going to pay off in a sale. Consult with a real estate agent about your goals and consider their input about any remodeling work. When it comes to knowing what is going to sell,

Get a Professional

bathroom remodeling Reno, image of bathroom tear down
Bathroom remodeling sometimes requires a complete tear down.

Unless you know the ins and outs of bathroom remodeling, you are going to want to get a professional bathroom remodeling contractor. A bathroom remodeling contractor will work with you to discover your goals and remodeling needs. They will also be able to help you design the plumbing involved in a bathroom remodel, keeping you up to plumbing code and make sure that everything is implemented according to bathroom remodeling best practices.

Bathroom Remodeling with Johnson Plumbing in Reno

Johnsons plumbing in Reno is Northern Nevada’s premier bathroom remodeling contractor. We want to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Whether you are looking to remodel before a putting your house on the market or just want to craft the bathroom you have always dreamed of, Johnson Plumbing in Reno will make it a reality. Our professional plumbing team has the experience and know how to make sure that your bathroom remodel is done properly and is up to code. Come check out our bathroom remodel services and contact us today! We look forward to working with you!

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