Industrial Plumbing vs. Residential Plumbing

Industries cannot afford to have their plumbing systems break down, as this may cause their operations to malfunction. This is why large-scale plumbing companies offer industrial plumbing services to keep an industry or business’s plumbing systems running. This involves the fixtures, pipes, and other apparatus of a gas, sewage, or water system in a specialized industrial environment.

Difference between Industrial and Residential Plumbing

The primary difference between industrial and residential plumbing is that the former’s systems are generally used more frequently than the latter; thus, the pipes and fixtures’ grade need to be higher. Industrial pipes require more durability than the average household pipes.

Industrial plumbing is also more complex. There are bound to be several of toilets, floors, and sinks. Plumbers working on industrial buildings have a better understanding of such complexity. Also, they know there’s more intricate work involved than in one household.

The Work Involved 

Image of piping commercial plumbing reno
Commercial Kitchen Drain Installation

Industrial plumbers take care of all aspects in large-scale industrial projects – from the planning stages to the job’s completion. Work involved can include drainage and sanitation, water plumbing design, portable water lines, hot tapping, poly-pipe welding, backflow prevention, and torpedo pipe cleaning, among others.

Portable Water Lines – Industrial water pipelines are usually made of stainless steel, polyethylene, nickel, copper, or uPVC.

Hot Tapping – Industrial plumbers provide connections to live mains without cutting off flow. This is possible by drilling through a valve linked to the external wall of the mains.

Water Jackets/Lines and Cooling Modules – In this industrial plumbing service, plumbers provide installation and fabrication of boshes, jackets, and cooling lines.

Poly Pipe Welding – Poly pipe lasts longer than conventional piping materials. Poly pipe welding is a better way to connect poly pipe. The method is cost-effective and durable for both existing and new installations.

Torpedo Pipe Cleaning – This service can also remove scale and bacterial growth, wherein an air pressure-driven projectile is useful in cleaning the pipe work’s internal surface.

Plumbing Design (Sanitary, Drainage, and Water) – Industrial plumbers can design plumbing for water, drainage and sanitation needs. These include facility design to set up new sites, plumbing design to accommodate mining camps, installation design of sewage effluent disposal, installation design of oil water separator, and arresters for neutralizing laboratories’ waste.

Backflow Prevention – The service prevents the risk of contamination in industrial site’s water supply. It prevents hazards from going back to the water main by reducing pressure zones and non-return valves.

The requirements of specialized industrial companies vary. This is applicable to industries from horticulture, agriculture, assembly, mining, or manufacturing. Whatever the plumbing project may be, industrial plumbing specialists stick to building code standards and industrial safety. That is why those kinds of projects require the expertise of certified plumbers and related professionals.

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