4 Garbage Disposal Myths You Need to Stop Believing

4 Garbage Disposal Myths You Need to Stop Believing

The garbage disposal unit is perhaps one of the most useful fixtures in your kitchen; it gets rid of food waste quickly and easily without fuss. However, without proper maintenance and use, your supportive unit can malfunction and break down.

Due to its relatively recent popularity in American households, many misconceptions about its use are widely prevalent. While some of these myths may be harmless, others have the potential to cause serious damages.

So, beware of these popular myths about garbage disposals to keep your unit from malfunctioning:

1. Garbage disposals have blades that you can sharpen

The churning sounds of garbage disposals may lead one to believe that the units have sharp razors that cut food waste before getting rid of it. However, this is far from the truth. Garbage disposal units have an accumulation of shredding impellers or teeth that spin at high rates to churn waste before disposing of it.

Due to the misconception about its functioning, people often think that they can sharpen the ‘blades’ of the unit by dumping down ice and eggshells. This, of course, is also another misconception about garbage disposal functions. Items like ice and eggshells can cause significant damage to the unit by getting entangled in its impellers.

2. Garbage disposals can handle all foods

You may be tempted to throw all sorts of food waste down the garbage disposal drain. However, hard food substances such as bones, popcorn kernels, and gristles can block the unit and lead to a breakdown.

Additionally, fibrous foods such as asparagus, onion skins, potato peels, and corn husks can wrap around the unit’s teeth and cause disruptions. Never chuck these items in the garbage disposal as they can lead to a breakdown.

3. You should always run hot water while using the unit

This misconception has practical roots; people think that running hot water may assist in dissolving the waste in the system. However, they miss other details like the fact that hot water may overheat the unit and cause malfunctioning.

Furthermore, the droplets of fat and grease that may have accumulated on the drain walls can come back to their liquid state after getting exposed to hot water. Therefore, experts advise running only cold water down your garbage disposal to ensure proper functioning.

4. Lemons can be used to clean the garbage disposal

Lemons are natural cleaners; they can eliminate bad odors and freshen up your sink. However, it would be best if you never use lemons or limes to clean your garbage disposal as citric acid may harm your unit’s teeth.

Additionally, the strong scent of lemons can mask underlying issues with your garbage disposal unit that may require professional help. If you’re dealing with any garbage disposal issues in Reno, reach out to us at Johnson Plumbing.

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