Water Heater Repair And Maintenance For Winter

Water Heater Repair And Maintenance For Winter

We’re near the end of fall season and before you know it winter will set in. It’s the perfect time to have all repair and maintenance tasks done to keep your water heater running smoothly through the winter. You don’t want to be dealing with water heater issues once the temperatures have reached subzero degrees or if you have guests over for the holidays.

Here’s a comprehensive list of repair and maintenance for your water heater:

Check the pressure relief valve

The pressure relief vale of a water heater prevents breakdowns and combustion in extreme situations. Have the pressure relief valve tested every fall to ensure it’s working well. The best way to test this is to pull on the pressure relief valve so that hot water is expelled from the tube. If it doesn’t happen, have a professional inspect your water heater and repair the damage.

Inspect the anode rod

The anode rod of the water heater is a vital component as it prevents the water tank from rusting. Anode rods are made from magnesium and alumni with a steel core. It reacts with the water and corrodes to protect the exposed metal within the water tank. If the anode rod is completely eroded, it’s time to have it replaced by a professional.

Flush the tank

Flushing the water heater tank is a maintenance task that should be done on an annual basis. It gets rid of all the sediment that settles at the bottom of the water heater tank. The more sediment is built up in your water heater, the more its lifespan will be negatively affected. Flush the water heater tank out completely well before winter can set in for better efficiency.

Adjust the temperature

While it’s tempting to crank the thermostat of the water heater all the way up in winter, it could lead to burns and scalding. Always have your water heater set to a reasonable temperature. You might have to adjust the temperature a bit (5 to 10 degrees) to account for the cold temperatures outside.

Insulate exposed pipes

The temperatures in Reno, NV are the lowest during December and January. These also happen to be the months when it snows here too. The low temperatures and snowfall can cause exposed pipes to freeze over, causing an obstruction in the pipes and increasing the risk of a pipe burst. Have the exposed pipes of your water heater insulated in time for this harsh weather. Insulated pipes won’t freeze over and you will have unrestricted flow of hot water.

If you’re dealing with any plumbing issues this winter, get in touch with us, at Johnson Plumbing. We provide emergency plumbing in Reno whether that’s for your water heater, kitchen plumbing, or bathroom plumbing. Our other services include residential bathroom remodeling, general commercial, residential, and industrial plumbing in Reno, NV. Contact us to remedy your plumbing problems.

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