4 Common Plumbing Problems in Commercial Buildings

4 Common Plumbing Problems in Commercial Buildings

Is your office’s toilet clogged, and you’re unsure how to address it without disrupting everyone’s day? We’ve been there! Research has shown that the plumber industry has experienced average growth from 2015 to 2020, with the total revenue increasing from 0.4 percent annually to reach $107.3 billion.
Owning a business isn’t easy, especially if you add plumbing problems to the mix. The last thing you want to do is close operations and lose valuable time and money, which can be a huge source of inconvenience for your employees and your clients.

Here are some common plumbing issues that occur in commercial buildings.

Clogged Drains

If you’re running a business, at some point, your office’s drains will get clogged. Commercial bathrooms are designed to endure more use, but they still get blocked more frequently than residential ones.

This can pose a large problem for your company given several people use the toilet with much less consideration than at home. Calling in a professional as soon as possible is your best bet for fixing a clogged drain in the office.


You’d be surprised how common leakages are in commercial plumbing. Since the plumbing system is very expansive in commercial buildings with hundreds of miles of pipework, you can expect to find leaking faucets, sinks, pipes, or toilets in your company bathroom.

If you don’t immediately deal with this problem, it can lead to rotting pipes or mold growth, which is unsanitary and expensive to fix.

Sewage Smell

If your pipes are damaged, dry, or clogged in any way, you’ll be able to smell it from a mile away. The foul smells that emanate from sewage blocked drain are widespread in commercial buildings and is enough to aggravate your employees and any business at the office.

In either case, it should be fixed as soon as possible because sewage exposure can lead to many illnesses.

Problems with Water Temperature

Like other plumbing parts, water heaters are also prone to wear and tear. Since a large amount of water requires heating and pumping, this issue is a frequent commercial building issue.

If your employees complain about the water not being as hot as it should be or that it takes too long for the hot water to refill, you should call in a professional plumber soon. Another way to avoid this problem is to have regular inspections done every few months to fix any impending plumbing problems.

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