In Deep Water! What to Expect During Professional Drain Cleaning?

In Deep Water! What to Expect During Professional Drain Cleaning?

Are you planning to call the professionals to deal with a blocked drain? Great idea! Research has shown that the U.S. plumbing industry has a market value of $106 billion. Since leaks and clogs don’t develop overnight, immediately addressing them when dirty water appears in your tub or sink is the least you can do.

Professional plumbers can not only take care of whatever filth is blocking your drain but also prevent further problems that could completely halt your home’s plumbing.

Here’s what you should expect during a professional drain cleaning service.


Once the plumbers arrive, prepare to answer some questions regarding past plumbing problems and the frequency of these issues. A reliable plumbing company will also explain how drain cleaning works and identify the problem areas through either a camera inspection or testing your fixtures.

Precautionary Steps

Since drain cleaning can cause your place to become dirty, plumbers may cover the affected area with a drop cloth, wear shoe coverings, or take other precautions to prevent any damage to the building.

Cleaning Your Drains

Hydro jetting is one of the most common drain cleaning methods in which a specialty hose is snaked down the drain. The plumber will then run hot water through the pipes to disintegrate any blockages or debris. Your drains can also be cleared off any obstructions through a drain snake.

Checking the Work

A reputable plumbing company will test the fixtures and faucets before leaving. If there are any lingering problems, you’ll see them return to the affected area to fix the issue once and for all. They might also identify any other plumbing issues that you didn’t know existed, so it’s best to let the experts handle it.

How Should You Prepare for Drain Cleaning Services?

Clear a path from the main door to whichever area the problem exists since the drain cleaning equipment requires at least three feet wide space. Any personal items kept near the affected fixtures should be removed to ensure the plumber can reach the access point.

If there’s any sewage waste in the affected area, make sure a remediation company removes it before the plumber arrives because diagnosing and repairs may become challenging if the access point is covered in sewage. You should also know that drain cleaning may not be a permanent solution, especially if your sewer system sees heavy use or you have a damaged pipe.

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