6 Reasons Why You Need to Install A Water Softener System

6 Reasons Why You Need to Install A Water Softener System

A water softener is a filtration system that removes calcium and magnesium ions from the hard water through ion exchange. It can be a great addition to your home as soft water helps you save a significant amount of money throughout the year.

Here are six reasons why a water softener system is essential in your home.

1.   Save Money on Cleaning Supplies

When you use soap and other detergents along with hard water, it becomes difficult to lather up. More cleaning supplies have to be used for laundry and dishes. In addition to that, the cleaning process takes more time.


2.   Preserve Your Pipes and Drainage System

When the mineral deposits build-up in the pipes, it tends to solidify and clog the pipes over time. This obstructs the flow of water and the pipes need continuous maintenance and repairing wasting a large amount of money.


3.   Get Rid of Rusty and Chalky Stains

White spots develop when hard water is used for washing and cleaning purposes. It leaves chalky stains on your laundry and dishes. Washing your car also becomes a hassle as hard water leaves streaks and damages the paint on the surface of your car. Your toilets and sinks can corrode over time and rusty spots form all around them.


4.   Heats Up Water Quickly

Hard water causes scale build-up that can cause blockages and damage your heating system. These scales create a layer that prevents heat transfer to the water. This reduces the efficiency of the water heater and increases your energy bills. So, soft water prevents blockages in heaters and other appliances, increasing their lifespan.


5.   Keeps Skin and Hair Safe

Hard water can harm your skin in several ways. It can worsen your skin diseases such as eczema and dry skin due to excessive soap usage increasing dryness. It also leads to skin conditions due to the mineral build-up on your skin. In addition to that, hard water

enables soap residue to react with minerals, which form an irritant that can potentially damage your skin.


Soft water can keep your skin and hair healthy. When hard water is used for showering, it leaves the hair more tangled and rougher. The mineral deposits on your scalp can result in dandruff, causing itching and thinning of the hair strands. It can ruin the texture and smoothness of your hair in just a few days.


6.   It’s Better for Cooking and Drinking

Hard water has a distinct and stale smell that everyone can’t bear to drink. Soft water is a better solvent that can enhance the flavor and aroma of your food.


If you’re facing any of these problems, you can contact us to get a water softener installed in your home or for other residential plumbing services and emergency plumbing fixes in Reno. Our qualified experts have dealt with numerous plumbing disasters and can give you the right recommendation to fix yours.

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