Learn Top 5 Tricks to Identify Water Line Breakage to Save Money

Learn Top 5 Tricks to Identify Water Line Breakage to Save Money

Broken water lines can cause a considerable amount of damage to your property, especially if you fail identify and repair it on time. If a normal crack turns into extensive damage, the repairs could be stressful and time-consuming. Normally, severe breakage occurs when homeowners take time to realize that the water line is leaking.

However, for some people, it’s even difficult to identify any breakage but not anymore. But not anymore, we have compiled a list of useful tricks to help you identify water line breakage efficiently;

1.     Check Water Meter

A water meter is the easiest way to detect whether the water line is leaking or not. Firstly, turn off all water-dependent appliances, including the washing machine, faucets, and dishwasher. Now go check your water meter and see if there are any changes. You can check again after a few hours because some leakages are weak, and they don’t show changes instantly.

2.     Monitor Water Usage

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, an average family of four members uses less than 12,000 gallons of water per month (82 gallons per day). If you notice more, there might be because of water line breakage. Contact an expert and get it fixed as soon as possible to save money!

3.     Observe Changes in Water Bills

Since everything is available on the internet, you can now have e-bills too. So, go check your current water bill with previous ones, and if you notice an increase, while water usage is the same, the culprit might be water line breakage.

4.     Use Food Coloring

Indeed, a toilet consumes a fair amount of water in a house, and it’s better to test it to check for water line breakage. But what makes food coloring useful here? Well, add a few drops of food color inside the toilet tank, check if the color shows up in the bowl. If it does, this means that the toilet seat’s water line is malfunctioning, and you must fix it without any further delay.

5.     Hear Water Sounds

If you hear any whistling sound from the banging, clanking, dripping, and pipes, this means that your water pipeline is broken. Never ignore whistling or bubbling noises coming from these areas, or you may likely experience water leakage and expensive leakage repairing services.

Final Takeaway

Whether the water leak is hidden or visible, it can cause a lot of property damage. It’s better to identify any leakage and breakage on time. Initial repairs of pipelines can save you time and money.

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