Hard Water Problems – 4 Signs You Need to Install a Water Softener System

Hard Water Problems – 4 Signs You Need to Install a Water Softener System

Hard water often seeps into our residential water supply and starts running through our taps. This is an alarming situation as hard water is not deemed suitable for both residential and industrial spaces.

Having a hard water supply can actually make your life hard and lead to you availing services of any water softeners.

But a vast majority of people survive perfectly with hard water, even though they are advised not to. Certain signs indicate if you are dealing with a hard water situation and should go for any water softening techniques. Scroll down to learn some signs of hard water damage and when you should consider investing in a water softener.

When your Toilet and Pipelines Keep Clogging

Yes, we all know how big of a nuisance it is when all toilets start gurgling and all the tap and shower pipelines keep getting clogged. Trying to get them unclogged again through any plumbing service can be a huge waste of time and money.

Hard water in your pipes builds mineral blockages in pipes and blocks the air and water from going through. The only solution to this is to invest in a water softener system.

When your Dishes Start Getting Spots

If you have dealt with hard water before, you would be aware of how your dishes would stay dirty and develop spots even after being washed and dried. This happens because of all the minerals in the water that can leave spots on your pots and pans. The answer to this is simple: either invest in plastic disposable crockery for the rest of your life or have a one-time life-long solution by opting for a water softener.

We would leave it for you to decide which is more affordable, requires less effort, and doesn’t damage the environment!

When Your Clothes Start Fading

Ever invested in a great shirt and saw it fading after washing it a few times? This could have happened after washing it from hard water. The minerals in the hard water can damage and even fade your clothing’s color.

If you love what you wear, it’s time for you to think about installing any water softeners.

When your Body Starts Getting Itchy

This is the biggest sign for you to get that water softener installed. Itchy skin means your body is getting irritated daily which can lead to further serious skin diseases.

We, at Johnson Plumbers, are known for installing effective water softener systems all over Reno, Nevada. Get that water softened now to keep your skin soft for a long time.

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