Four Benefits of Water Softener Installation

Four Benefits of Water Softener Installation

Hard water is water with magnesium, zinc, lead, and calcium. 85% of tap water in the United States is hard, but only 30 percent of people install a water softener at their place. But why should you get a softener?

Hard water is not necessarily injurious to health but it can be bad for your plumbing system. Using hard water can lead to scaling in your fixtures, cause damage to your skin and hair, or deteriorate your metal utensils and cookware.

Water softener installation can be really beneficial for your house. Here are some reasons why.

1. Lifespan Increase of Appliances.

Scaling is a common problem in a household where people use hard water daily. When water with magnesium and calcium runs through appliances, it can lead to long-term corrosion and damage to the system. A water softener system can increases your appliance’s life.

2. Major Reduction in Pipe Clogging

Scaling can also cause clogging in your plumbing system, because limescale can build up—causing clogs which will eventually lead to long-term damage and leaks. It makes your pipes wear out faster. A water softener will reduce the chances of clogging and make the plumbing system safe.

3. Better Skin

Hard water can make your skin and scalp dry; which in turn causes itchiness, skin rashes, and dry frizzy hair. Installing a water softener may help you see an improvement in skin and hair quality.

4. Makes Washing Easier

It’s hard to wash anything with hard water because hard water can make it harder for detergent to work properly. It is better to do laundry with soft water because you can thenhave to use less detergent and soft water doesn’t make your washing machine rusty.

Install a Water Softener System with the Help of Johnson Plumbing

If you’re tired of the wear and tear of your appliances and plumbing system due to hard water, contact our experts, at Johnson Plumbing, to get a water softener installation in Reno. We will help you get a water softener system as per your budget and needs. We offer affordable prices without any hidden charges.

Give us a call to learn more or book your appointment.

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