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Clogged drains are a serious nuisance that can make daily chores a hassle, leave unwanted residue, and lower the sanitation level of your property. Get in touch with the expert plumbers at Johnson Plumbing for all your plumbing-related needs in the Reno area.

Clogged Drains? Get the Plumbing Experts

Clogged drain issues are common in residential and commercial buildings. Whether it’s the kitchen sink that’s draining water slowly or the shower area that seems to retain water, a clogged drain can put a dent in your daily household activities. So what’s the solution?

Johnson Plumbing offers quality service, effective results, and fast response to all your plumbing issues. When you reach out to us with clogged drain issues, you can rest assured that our plumbers will do everything to clear your clogged drain and carry out necessary repairs.

We work with you to set a time and date according to your schedule and then walk you through each step of the process. Our customers love that we take the time to explain each step and provide the best recommendations for the job.

To prevent a major clog or flooding, reach out to our plumbing technicians at the first signs of slowing drains. Give us a call at 775-204-7780 or schedule a clogged drain cleaning service online.


Signs of a Clogged Drain

It can often take some time to spot a clogged drain. Regular cleaning can help prevent the buildup of hair, soap scum, grease, and even leftover food in the drains. Here are some signs that indicate you’re headed for a partial or complete drain blockage:

  • Strange odors emanating from the drains, especially in the kitchen
  • Slow drainage, which suggests that something is partially blocking the pipe and preventing optimal flow.
  • Drains make gurgling sounds after you’ve run the dishwasher or washing machine
  • Pools of water forming under the sinks
  • Toilet water makes bubbling or gurgling sounds when flushed

If you experience any of these signs, it’s best not to delay repairs. At an early stage, a quick drain cleaning session might be enough to solve the problem. However, delaying the issue could lead to more extensive problems such as pipe bursting due to excessive pressure, sewage water backing up, flooding, and water damage to your house.

Give us a call at 775-351-2293 today and let our plumbing experts in Reno deal with the problem quickly and efficiently.


What Others Are Saying

"These guys were amazing. They heard my problem in my home and they were so helpful. They were very quick to help me and fix my home. They are wonderful help. I would highly recommend them."

- Jennifer R., Carson City, NV

"I needed someone to fix my clogged toilet and needed them ASAP for the Super Bowl party I was having. I called Johnson Plumbing and they where at my place fast, their price was great and he cleaned up everything and was very professional"

- David G., Reno, NV

"Thank you to Mike and Johnson Plumbing. I won’t be calling another plumber ever again. I’ve already referred two neighbors and my brother-in-law.  Everyone has been impressed by Mike, and Johnson Plumbing rates. Don’t waste your time calling another plumber."

- Ron Z., Sparks, NV

The work was quick, clean, and competitively priced. The technicians were themselves, clean, neat, and very polite. I’d recommend them over other plumbing shops in town.

- Forest J., Reno, NV

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