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Our innovative plumbing designs and quality craftsmanship bring you the safest and most reliable industrial plumbing solutions in the Reno area. Our industrial plumbing installations are tailored to meet the specific needs of each Reno area business.

For example, industrial supply lines are under extreme amounts of pressure. Careful attention to detail by our team is maintained throughout the installation process. This ensures that not only will the pipes perform optimally, but they will perform for years to come.

Over twenty years of experience industry experience is here to help you through your build.  You can call on us for design, development, or installation of  industrial plumbing solutions. Many others building  in Northern Nevada are have already done so.

Available Reno Industrial Plumbing Services Include:

  • Plumbing system design and development
  • Custom fabrication of water lines, drain lines, and sleeve jackets
  • Hot Tapping connections
  • Backflow prevention
  • General plumbing to including sinks and toilets

Reno Emergency Industrial Plumbing Repairs

Burst pipes and backed up drains can stop your production in its tracks. Industrial plumbers are available day or night for any emergency plumbingrepairs. With an immediate response time you solution will be under way.  Technicians accurately assess the problem and offer a written bid on the repairs.  All repairs are completed quickly with no mess left behind for you to clean up.


Reliable Service and Upfront Pricing

Your job will be completed right the first time and on time. Working with general contractors to schedule all material deliveries, and installation is a headache of yours we are here to solve.  We meet any time table and in many cases we finish well ahead of schedule.

We do not offer an estimate, but a solid bid on your project. Professional estimators accurately measure the system dimensions and offer a price based on those plans. The price will never waiver no matter how long the job takes. There may be additional charges for changes to the original industrial plumbing contract.

Available Emergency Industrial Plumbing Repairs Include:

  • Broken of Frozen Pipe repair
  • Unclogging Drains
  • Water Heater Repairs
  • Other Plumbing Issues

What Others Are Saying

"These guys were amazing. They heard my problem in my home and they were so helpful. They were very quick to help me and fix my home. They are wonderful help. I would highly recommend them."

- Jennifer R., Carson City, NV

"I needed someone to fix my clogged toilet and needed them ASAP for the Super Bowl party I was having. I called Johnson Plumbing and they where at my place fast, their price was great and he cleaned up everything and was very professional"

- David G., Reno, NV

"Thank you to Mike and Johnson Plumbing. I won’t be calling another plumber ever again. I’ve already referred two neighbors and my brother-in-law.  Everyone has been impressed by Mike, and Johnson Plumbing rates. Don’t waste your time calling another plumber."

- Ron Z., Sparks, NV

The work was quick, clean, and competitively priced. The technicians were themselves, clean, neat, and very polite. I’d recommend them over other plumbing shops in town.

- Forest J., Reno, NV

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