Reno Water Softener System Installation

Johnson Plumbing has installed several water softener systems around Northern Nevada. It has helped homeowners save money by increasing the life of pipes and appliances.

A Water Softener System Reduces A Variety Of Plumbing Problems

Unfortunately, many residents of Northern Nevada drink and bath with hard water every day. While hard water isn’t bad for you, it does have negative effects on your appliances and your other household home—it can cause rings around the drain, forms spots on glass, make lime scales on showerheads and doors. Hard water also builds up inside your pipes, washing machines, coffee makers, and dishwashers and decreases their life by almost half.

You can avert this crisis with our quality waters softeners in Reno! A Water Softener System reduces the calcium and magnesium to prevent various plumbing problems.


Different Homes Require A Different Water Softener System

Our water softening consultants can meet with you and help you find not just a water softener system, but one that will meet your needs and your budget. Each water softener system specializes in a different aspect of the water softening process. Some are designed for large quantity water use and others are more effective at removing specific kinds of minerals, or pollutants. We will never try to sell you a system that you don’t need.


Upfront Pricing

We offer a free written proposal with all are water softener system consultations. We have no hidden fees and our prices include labor and delivery. Our price will never waiver no matter how long the job takes. You are in good hands when you call on the plumbing experts of Johnson Plumbing. We also offer emergency plumbing, kitchen or bathroom remodel, commercial plumbing, and water heater installation.

What Others Are Saying

"These guys were amazing. They heard my problem in my home and they were so helpful. They were very quick to help me and fix my home. They are wonderful help. I would highly recommend them."

- Jennifer R., Carson City, NV

"I needed someone to fix my clogged toilet and needed them ASAP for the Super Bowl party I was having. I called Johnson Plumbing and they where at my place fast, their price was great and he cleaned up everything and was very professional"

- David G., Reno, NV

"Thank you to Mike and Johnson Plumbing. I won’t be calling another plumber ever again. I’ve already referred two neighbors and my brother-in-law.  Everyone has been impressed by Mike, and Johnson Plumbing rates. Don’t waste your time calling another plumber."

- Ron Z., Sparks, NV

The work was quick, clean, and competitively priced. The technicians were themselves, clean, neat, and very polite. I’d recommend them over other plumbing shops in town.

- Forest J., Reno, NV

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