Tips To Locate A Water Leak In Your House

Locating a Water Leak Help Reduce Water Costs Johnson Plumbing
Locating a Water Leak Help Reduce Water Costs

Locating A Water Leak In Your Home Takes Just a Few Steps

Johnson Plumbing wants you to know that nothing can run up a water bill, in the Reno area, like a leaky faucet, or a running toilet. The constant twenty-four hour water leak means that your water company is charging you even if you’re not using their service. Locating a water leak can sometimes be as easy as listening for the running water. Other times the leak is inside your wall, or even outside your house and doesn’t make any noise at all.

Below you will find a few tips when trying to locate a water leak in your home, or office. If you have any problems with any of these tips, or you are unable to locate something it is recommended that you contact a professional plumber.

Is The Leak Inside Your Home or Outside Your Home

Establishing whether your leak is inside or outside will help to narrow your search.
The first step is to establishing a water leak is to check your meter. If you can not locate your meter then call the local water authority and they will be able to help you find it. Once located, turn off all of your faucets, sinks, and outdoor faucets. If you meter continues to move, or rotate, then you have a leak.

To determine if the leak is inside or outside locate your shut off valve for the house. It is usually located on the interior foundation wall directly on the other side of an outdoor faucet. Turn this valve off and check your meter again. If the meter continues to run then the leak is in the supply line from the meter to the house. These plumbing lines are usually underground and usually require residential plumbing experts to fix them. If the meter does not move then the leak is inside the house.

Water Leaks Inside The Home Can Be Silent Johnson Plumbing
Water Leaks Inside The Home Can Be Silent

Locating A Leak Inside Your Home

The sound of running water should be tracked first. Follow the sound to its source. A listening device is helpful when looking for leaks. You may purchase one at your local hardware store in the plumbing supplies section.If your water leak is a silent one, then you will want to begin to look for visual clues. You can often detect where a leak is coming from by looking for water stains (usually brown-looking cloudy circles). If the water stains are on the side of the wall, then it may be coming from a pipe in the wall, but higher up. If the stains are on the ceiling, then the leak is most likely somewhere above you. Sometimes wall stains indicate a water leak that is housed above the stain. However, the actual leak may be some distance away from the stain that is showing.

There are several problems that you may be able to fix yourself once you’ve identified the source of the leak. Faucets usually leak because of rubber bushings in the handle. Sinks leak because the fittings aren’t tight enough, or have worn out. The flapper inside of a toilet tank is the first thing to start leaking in many cases. All of these can be fixed by a handy man. However, if your leak is hole in your line or the soldering of a copper joint has come lose then it is recommended you call in a professional plumber to help with your problems. If you can’t fix these things then its always a good thing that you know where the leak is to tell the residential plumber. Johnson Plumbing is available for 24/7 emergency plumbing if you discover your water leak in the middle night.

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