5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Reno Plumber

Plumbing jobs require a skill and professionalism that most other industries consider a luxury. From local code requirements, to the safety issues that arise in plumbing design and installation, a plumber has to keep a lot of things in mind on the job. Unfortunately, some plumbers try to cut corners and do things under the radar. And many consumers are unaware that the plumber that they hired might be putting their property a risk. We have compiled a short list of the most important things to consider before you choose which Reno plumber to use.

1. Is the Reno Plumber Licensed?

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Because plumbing work often effects the safety of building and residential design, all states require that plumbers be licensed to do plumbing work. This ensures that plumbers are held accountable to the best safety and installation practices of the industry. This is why most states require a plumbers to attend years of schooling along with years of work experience. Be sure to check your plumber’s license status on your state’s website too, making sure they have the credentials to provide professional work.

2. Does the Reno Plumber Have Liability Insurance?

Plumbing work can also be fraught with risk. Plumbers are professionals, but they aren’t perfect. Mistakes happen. And unfortunately plumbing accidents are often very costly and can cause alot of damage to home or business. Most plumbers have liability insurance just in case something goes wrong. But don’t just assume that every plumber does. Before choosing a Reno plumber, make sure that they have active liability insurance.

3. Does the Reno Plumber Have Workers Compensation Insurance?

Plumbing can be dangerous. It often requires the plumber to navigate dangerous areas, handle heavy equipment and work closely with gas lines and other hot or flammable material. Needless to say, plumbing work sometimes ends in injury. If your plumber doesn’t have workers compensation insurance, you may be liable for any injuries sustained on your property. Before choosing a Reno plumber, make sure that they have adequate workers compensation insurance.

4. Customer Service. Is the Reno Plumber Responsive and Respectful

Does your plumber answer his phone or even return his voicemails? When it starts raining in your kitchen, can you rely on your plumber to answer and respond quickly? This is an extremely important factor to consider. Sure, an unlicensed “fly-by-night” plumber may be cheaper, but why is he cheaper? More often than not, it’s because they cut corners on customer service options such as a phone service, or any of the other above mentioned factors.

5. Does the Reno Plumber seem financially stable.

An honest hard-working plumber can make a really good living. Be wary of any plumber who offers you the cheapest prices. They are oftentimes cutting cost corners in both safety and legality. A financially stable, honest and professional plumber will have a decent website and up to date tools.

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