Simple Tips To Unclog Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal clogs happen regardless of how careful you might be about what goes down there. As such, you might be in desperate need of easy do-it-yourself techniques to unclog your garbage disposal plumbing installations.

There are a few simple steps you can take to minimize the possibilities of clogs and protect your garbage disposal systems from such problems. Listed below are causes of clogging of your waste disposal unit:

  • • Dropping of foreign objects such as spoons and forks into the disposal unit.
  • • Rapid feeding of garbage into your disposal unit
  • • Failure to run enough water to flush out the unit’s drainpipes completely

Your unit might be unable to dispose of every type of garbage. It is important to do regular inspections to avoid the accumulation of dirt. Make sure to read the manual to learn the limitations of your waste disposal unit. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners since the chemical components are highly corrosive. They can damage your unit’s rubber or plastic parts.

How to unclog garbage disposal installations

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STEP 1: Power off

Start by turning off the switch that controls the power supply. For safety concerns, switching off the power supply is the most important step to a successful do-it-yourself garbage disposal repair. If you cannot find the switch, call in a residential plumbing service provider such as Reno residential plumber.

STEP 2: Use a pair of pliers

Shine a flashlight into your clogged unit after you turn off the breaker to determine the cause if the clog. Use a pair of long-handled pliers or tongs to carefully retrieve any visible objects that could be the cause of the clog. Turn the breaker back on, and then your disposal unit after successfully removing every visible item. Remember, you may have to push the reset button.

STEP 3: How to unclog garbage disposal with plunger

If the unit is still clogged, turn off the breaker again. With no more foreign objects, lingering leftovers are the next possible cause of clogs. Foods plug garbage disposal units when not adequately broken down to flush out of the drainpipe.

Using a plunger is helpful when trying to loosen the food that is clogging your garbage disposal. Use the plunger to cover the drain completely while you run water until the plunger is submerged. Plunge the drain several times and then check to confirm if the water is flowing.

Flowing water is a good sign that the scraps might also drain out. Turn on the breaker and your unit to check whether it can dispose of the lingering leftovers through the drainpipe.

STEP 4: How to unclog garbage disposal with baking soda and vinegar

If your unit is still clogged, turn the breaker off again. It might as well be time to prepare a simple but effective cocktail. Pour ¼ a cup of baking soda into your garbage disposal and then half a cup of white vinegar onto the small pile. Prepare yourself for the fizz and foam as a result of this chemical reaction.

As mentioned before, there are various ways to unclog garbage disposal systems. Harsh drain cleaners could be detrimental to your garbage disposal units, especially those that contain plastic parts. The combination of vinegar and baking soda offers unmatched unclogging ability, albeit on a much gentler scale.

Turn both the breaker and your garbage disposal unit back on after about ten minutes and then run hot water for several minutes. Again, you may have to push the reset button to get your unit started. If your disposal does not work properly, it might be the time to consider calling in residential plumbing professionals, particularly since they are your last resort.

STEP 5: Engage the services of a professional plumber

unlclog your garbage disposal Johnson PlumbingTurn off both the breaker and the garbage disposal unit and call a professional plumber if you have followed all of the steps listed above in vain. The cause of the clog might be more that you can handle without adequate and proper experience, know-how, skills, and equipment. By engaging professionals, you will minimize the chances of causing further damages to your garbage disposal unit.




Although calling in a professional provides the ultimate solution, the job is incomplete even after the professionals clear up the clog and leave. It is important that you always remember to play your part. Placing half of a lemon inside your garbage disposal every third week helps to keep the blades in optimal operating condition.

Lemon also rids your garbage disposal of foul smells, leaving it fresh. As much as you might look down upon this 2-minute maintenance tip, it can actually save you hours of frustrations and headaches.

Contact us for advice and help when it comes to the unclogging of your garbage disposal unit.

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