Reno Commercial Plumbing: When You Need It. Where You Need It

Like residences, businesses have plumbing problems from time to time, and the problems are not merely small ones. The plumbers at Johnson Plumbing, a Reno Commercial Plumbing contractor, are experts at solving the problems that are specific to commercial plumbing.

Differences Between Commercial and Residential Plumbing

commercial plumbing company | Johnson Plumbing In RenoBecause commercial plumbing must serve so many more people than residential plumbing, it has different fixtures and configurations. For example, toilets in commercial properties often operate by way of a flush valve. If toilets are wall-hung, they need a closet carrier. Commercial sinks often need lavatory chair carriers and have faucets operated via infrared beams. Commercial bathrooms have urinals in the men’s room, which are very rare in homes.

Hot water creation and storage is different in commercial plumbing. A home uses a hot water tank where water is heated through an element and stored in the tank until it’s ready to be used. But in a commercial facility, a boiler heats the water and another tank stores it.

Commercial and private homes use different fresh water pipes. In a large commercial building or even a high rise apartment building, the plumbing pipes are much larger, and the plumbing system is more complex. Pipes have to accommodate the loads of commercial appliances and need mechanical joint fittings, which means they are not soldered, fused or brazed as they would be in smaller residences. All of this means that the plumbing codes for residential and commercial buildings are quite different. Johnson Plumbing, commercial plumbing contractor, makes sure our professionals keep abreast of all of them.

Among the problems tackled by commercial plumbing contractor services are:

  • Clogged Drains

    As with residential plumbing, clogged drains are a perennial problem. In the case of commercial plumbing, these need to be dealt with quickly and thoroughly before they lead to even bigger and more expensive problems. Clogs may herald a serious problem like a faulty septic pump.

  • Leaks

    Leaks add up to money as thousands of gallons of water are wasted, sometimes without the business owner knowing. Leaks contribute to rot and, of course, mold. A commercial plumbing contractor knows how to inspect the plumbing pipes and find and repair leaks the business owner might not suspect.

  • Burst Pipes

    Pipes burst for lots of reasons, including old age and freezing. The temperature does not need to drop to 32 degrees for pipes to freeze and burst. We have seen pipes burst in the relatively mild winter temperatures in Reno. One of the ways we fix cracked or burst pipes that are buried in the ground is through trench-less repair.

  • Hot Water Problems

    The complexity of commercial plumbing makes problems with the hot water frustratingly common. A home might be able to get by with no hot water or with water that’s merely tepid, but in many businesses the failure to provide a steady supply of hot water at a certain temperature means they’re in violation of code. Sometimes this means upgrading the thermostat or adding insulation around the boiler or the hot water tank. Hot water can also be too hot, which puts customers and employees at risk of being scalded.

  • Bad Smells in Commercial Plumbing

    Even if everything else is running properly bad smells emanating from commercial plumbing can be so off-putting to customers that it can cause a business to lose money. It’s not fun to work in a place that reeks of the sewer either. The stench is probably due to dried out pipes beneath the drains in the floor.

  • Clogged Toilets

    Reno commercial plumbing | Johnson Plumbing in RenoFor some reason, people try to flush things down commercial toilets that they’d never dare try to flush down their toilets at home. Some people clog the toilets on purpose. Whatever the reason, a clogged toilet in a commercial enterprise needs to be fixed at once. If the janitor can’t do it, a commercial plumbing company needs to be called in. This is why we offer our customers emergency plumbing services.

Besides these services, our plumbers are pleased to provide troubleshooting and upgrades to more efficient and energy-efficient appliances and systems. We also provide cleaning and maintenance, including hydrojetting. During hydrojetting, a hose with a scouring head is inserted into the main drain that leads to the municipal sewer system. Water is injected at high pressure and the scouring head scrapes the inner pipe walls to remove debris and clogs.

If you need help with your commercial plumbing in the Reno area, don’t hesitate to contact Johnson Plumbing commercial plumbing professionals at (775) 351-2293.

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