Want to Save Money and Go Green? Don’t Miss These Quick 7 Water Saving Tips for Your Home or Business!

Home and business owners waste thousands of gallons a year — and with that, hundreds of dollars that they otherwise could be putting to better use. But with a few easy water saving tips, they could be saving both their money and the Earth. All that is required is making a few easy changes in the use of water — and that can be you!


Here is how to get started using our seven quick tips for both your home and business, so that no matter where you go, you’re doing all you can to save water:


How to Save Water in Daily Life

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Tip #1: Do a Thorough Check for Leaks

Just a small, seemingly insignificant leak from your faucet can waste 20 gallons of water a day. So it’s worth it to your bank account to do a thorough check of all your pipes throughout your home. Check your bathroom and kitchen faucets as well as all of the visible pipes that carry water in your home.


Tip #2: Turn Off the Water When You’re Not Using It

This seems like a simple rule to follow, but it does take practice. That’s because we’re not accustomed to turning off water after we’ve wet our toothbrush for example. Any time you don’t actually need water, turn it off. You can make this process even easier if you install faucets that operate via touch sensors.


Tip #3: Load it Up!

How many of us have decided to go ahead and run that dishwasher even if the load wasn’t a full one. Did you know when you do that you waste both water and electricity? The same principle applies to your washer and dryer. For maximum water conservation, make sure you are loading up and running your cycles when they truly are at capacity.


Tip #4: Don’t Use Your Toilet as a Wastebasket

Did you know that every time you flush a tissue, a cigarette butt or a small piece of trash — such as a piece of paper — you waste about six gallons of water? Instead, reserve those trash items for your bathroom wastebasket. It helps to conserve water and it keeps your pipes clear.


Water Saving Tips for Businesses

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Tip #5: Audit Your Business

A good place to start with your water saving tips and tricks at your business is to conduct a water audit at your business. Some local green non-profits sometimes offer this as a free service. Otherwise, you can hire a professional who can help you determine where you could be saving water at your business. This will give you a full overview of all the problem areas at your business.


Tip #6: Install Water-Efficient Toilets

Outfit your employee bathrooms with water-efficient appliances such as toilets and faucets. By doing this, you’ll make sure only the minimal amount of water is used to get the job done. Many high-efficiency appliances can be retrofitted to your current bathroom appliances.


Tip #7: Consider What Appliances You Really Need

As a company that is just starting out, you’ll want to consider what appliances you really need that will both help your employees and save water. For example, you might weigh whether you really need showers for your employees.


If you do, you’ll want to install high-efficiency, motion-sensor shower heads. Or, do you really need a dishwasher in your company? Dishwashers are going to take a lot of water — but you can save by making sure the staff run it only when it is fully loaded.


Obviously, there are some appliances — such as faucets and toilets — that you need, but how many do you need? Answering all of these questions completely will help you determine how can conserve water while still providing your staff with necessary amenities.


Are You Ready to Start Saving Money?

As responsible humans and business owners, we want to protect our planet. But we also want to save money. Both of these aims can be met through water conservation. Keep this guide handy as you develop your new habits.


Now is the time to make small changes that can lead to big differences in your bank account. Try these seven top water saving tips to start — and, for all of your water issues and plumbing needs, contact us at Johnson Plumbing NV!

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