5 Reasons Why You Should Fix a Water Heater Leak Immediately

Water heaters are one of the most important convenience features in a home. They provide you and your loved ones with a steady stream of warm or hot water to enjoy on demand, for bathing, cooking and cleaning in the home. Most water heaters will eventually need repairs. A water heater leak is among the most common types of repair issues that homeowners may have from time to time. It may be easy to overlook a water heater leak if the water is slowly trickling from the unit. However, procrastinating on getting repair service for your water heater is the last thing you should do. These are five major reasons why you should schedule repair service for your water heater today.

The Risk of Water Damage

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Alwyas inspect your heater for leaks

A water heater leak that emits even a very small amount of moisture into the home over time can cause significant and costly damage to your property. Water and moisture can easily spread to create a rather large moist area around the unit. This can result in everything from wood rot and drywall deterioration to carpeting and furniture damage and more. Most surfaces in your home are not designed to remain moist for a lengthy period of time. Even those that may withstand the effects of moisture exposure, such as tile floors, can become stained over time.

Whether you have a water heater leaking from the bottom or top of the unit, you will need to get repair service as soon as possible. The required repair work may be more simple and affordable than you think. Taking this step can save you from paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in water damage repair bills.


The Potential for Mold Growth

When you have a hot water heater issue that isn’t serviced for a lengthy period of time, the moisture from the unit can result in mold growth in the home. Mold is a serious issue for homeowners to deal with because it can have serious health consequences. Mold exposure can result in an increase in respiratory symptoms, nerve issues and more for anyone in the home. Some people who are exposed to mold become seriously ill and require hospitalization. Addressing a water heater leak as soon as possible can minimize the risk of mold growth in your home.

The Expense of Water

Waste There is also the financial concern associated with wasted water. Even a slow trickle of water on a steady basis can cause water bills to escalate, and this is detrimental to your budget. This will continue to cause the unnecessary expense of wasted water until the issue is repaired. Essentially, this means that you will continue to lose money while also facing the risks of water damage and mold growth until you contact a repair team for assistance with your water heater leak.

A Possible Hot Water Heater Gas Explosion

A water heater leaking from the top or bottom is not the only concern with regards to water heaters. Some water heaters may also develop a gas leak. If you have a gas leak, you may smell gas in your home, and this smell may get stronger as you approach your water heater. You may also hear the sound of gas escaping from the pipe or unit. This is a very dangerous situation that requires immediate attention. You should immediately get your family and pets out of the home, and you should contact a repair team for emergency service.

More Expensive Repairs or a Full Replacement

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All leaks should be fixed immediately

Another effect of not repairing a damaged water heater is that the issues can become more significant over time. Depending on the type of leak or other damage that is in place, the issue may get bigger and more costly to repair. In some cases, you may even need to replace a unit that otherwise could have been repaired at minimal cost if you had acted quickly.

While it is understandable that you may not want to deal with a seemingly minor issue with your water heater right now, you can see that even a small issue can result in serious issues for you to contend with if they are not repaired immediately. Everything from significant property repairs and injury or illness to your loved ones can occur. If you have noticed a water or gas issue with your water heater, now is the time to contact us for assistance. We can set up a repair service time that is convenient with your schedule today.

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