5 Signs it’s Time to Get your Drains Professionally Cleaned

Before planning a party for your Reno friends and family, you should check your pipes to ensure that your plumbing can accommodate all those guests. The best way to determine if your pipes need cleaning is with a look at some of the common signs associated with clogged or dirty pipes. These signs may leave you feeling frustrated because you don’t know what to do. It can also makes you worry that the problem will worsen when loved ones use your bathroom. You can look at some of the top signs that it’s time to get your drains professionally cleaned.

Toilet Overflows

When you flush your toilet, you expect to see the water in the bowl go down and fresh water come back up. What happens when you have a clogged drain is that the toilet cannot flush down the water from the bowl. But it will still push water back up, which causes the water to overflow.

If you find yourself frequently dealing with dirty water that comes out of the bowl and spreads across your bathroom floor, you need your pipes cleaned. Any type of obstruction in the pipe will keep the water from going down and reaching the sewer.

Bad Smells

bad smells indicate time to unclog a drain pipe
Bad smells can be sign of clogged drains

While any bad smell can be a sign of a clogged drain, bad smells coming from your kitchen sink are a clear sign that you need main sewer line cleaning. Any debris that goes down the kitchen drain should move through the pipes before the sewer carries that debris away. When food waste and other debris builds up inside the pipes, they can rot over time. The odor coming from the drain will worsen until you remove that clog.

Slow Moving Drains

Another sign that you need to unclog a drain pipe is when a drain moves slower than it should. The next time that you brush your teeth in the bathroom sink or wash your hands in the kitchen sink, see how long it takes for the sink to drain. It should only take a few seconds or less for the water to exit the sink. If you notice that the water moves slower, you likely have a clogged drain pipe. You can use a pen or marker to mark the top level of the sink and keep track of how long it takes for the water level to drop.

No Draining

While slow draining is frustrating, no draining is even worse. Any obstruction or build-up of debris inside a pipe will prevent it from draining. This can occur in your sink as well as in your tub or shower. The water may keep rising to the point where it almost overflows. A lack of draining means you need to clean your bathroom sink drain and will keep you from using the sink. Professional cleaning can get deep inside the drain and reach obstructions that you may otherwise miss.

Water Backing Up

clean your bathroom sink drain to avoid blockages
If water does not drain properly, there could be a blockage

You should also look for any water that backs up from the drains. This is a clear sign that the water going down the drain has nowhere to go. It may go down the drain and through the pipe before reaching the obstruction. While a small amount of water might get through, more of that water will back up. This will leave you standing in dirty water when showering or seeing water suddenly appear in your sink.

Why is it Important to Clean Your Drains?

Cleaning your drains is very important because it reduces the risk that your home and pipes will need expensive repairs later. The cost of completely replacing your home’s plumbing system can cost $15,000 to $20,000 or more. It costs a fraction of that to pay for drain cleaning. When you establish a maintenance plan that includes regular cleaning, you won’t need to pay extra for an emergency call on the weekend.

Get your drains professionally cleaned and stop worrying about water that backs up in your shower, your toilet overflowing, or water that won’t go down your drain. Professional cleaning lets you turn the job over to those with experience handling all types of plumbing problems. Contact us today to make a service appointment to get your pipes cleaned or to set up a maintenance plan.

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