8 Common Causes of Leaking Pipes in your House

Water leaks can be sneaky little problems at home that usually go unnoticed. Unfortunately, no matter how minor they may be, they can lead to bigger troubles in the long run. Leaky pipes not only waste water, they also encourage unwanted organic growth and can lead to structural damage or electrical risks. As a homeowner, it is important that you understand the potential damage that could be caused by an unrepaired leaking pipe. It also helps to be familiar with the most common causes of leaks so that you know if the situation calls for an emergency plumber. The following are the common causes of household leaks that you should be aware of.
leaking pipes

Broken seals

Seals are usually placed around water connectors when appliances or fixtures were installed. As time goes by, the seal may degrade, wear out or break. There may be a broken seal if you notice condensation on or near the appliance.

Advanced corrosion

Any pipe material will eventually wear out. Over long periods of time, corrosion can destroy the pipes in your home. This will create tiny openings for water to seep out. If the pipe was laid more than 30 years ago, the plumbing is more prone to corrosion issues. Pipes are also at a higher risk of developing corrosion if the mineral content of the water is off balance. If you notice any discoloration or warping on your pipes, have a licensed plumber diagnose the problem right away. But if the plumbing system is a little bit older, consider replacing older pipers with newer ones.

Excessive water pressure

High water pressure is sometimes useful when cleaning or taking a shower. However, too much pressure may increase the risk of eventual leaks or worse, cause your pipes to burst. In mild cases where there is a sporadic leak in your fixtures, you may have to reach out to a licensed plumber to test the pressure and to make adjustments if necessary.

Clogged lines

Clogged drains do not only cause an inconvenience, they can also result in an overflow or burst pipes. To prevent serious clogs, make sure to always keep gutters and HVAC systems clean.

Damaged pipe joints

The points where your pipes connect are often the weakest spots in a water line. Over time, leaks may occur due to pipe joint deterioration. Since pipe joints aren’t easily visible, listen for pipes making a banging or a ticking noise. This should be noticeable especially when you turn on the hot water. A better idea would be to have a licensed plumber check your system at least once a year.

Loose water connectors

Leaks are also caused by loose hoses and pipes. Loose water connections are often a result of shifting. An indication of a water connection leak is the puddle of water that forms around an appliance.

Fixture cracks

If the pipe is connected to a cracked faucet, a leak may be immediately visible. These cracks are often caused by a strong force or impact that causes the fixture to break. Unfortunately, these cracks often develop without being noticed. They can also occur in places that are out of sight. If your fixture has been damaged, have it checked and replaced as soon as possible.

Incorrect pipe laying

Incorrect pipe laying is one of the most common reasons behind serious leaks and plumbing emergencies. For this reason, it is extremely crucial to hire a licensed plumber to do any major plumbing work in your home. Don’t risk small mistakes because they may result in costly repairs and bigger problems in the future. Make sure that pipes and their connectors are laid properly. Also, use backflow devices if necessary. If you aren’t sure about how the plumbing work was done and if you worry about how the pipes were laid, it is best to have a licensed plumber assess your system.

Leaky pipes in households usually occur because of at least one of the reasons listed above. To avoid the inconvenience caused by leaking pipes and keep your system protected, have a licensed emergency plumber from Johnson Plumbing handle all plumbing work in your home.

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