7 Common Plumbing Issues at Home

Plumbing issues come in different shapes and sizes. As a homeowner, you most likely have encountered at least one or two plumbing issues, such as a clogged toilet or a dripping faucet. While problems with a plumbing system are inevitable, you can minimize their occurrence if you’re familiar with the issues that come up most often. Here are the most common plumbing issues at home you should be aware of.

Dripping faucet

plumber fixing a leaking faucet
Leaking faucets are a common plumbing issue

A dripping faucet is one of the most common plumbing issues . Almost every homeowner could probably tell a tale of dealing with this problem. Even though it’s minor, this issue can be a hassle because it can drive your water bill higher in an instant. A single dripping faucet is enough to waste hundreds of gallons of water  in one year. So when you encounter this problem, make sure to get it addressed fast. Leaky faucets usually occur at the pipe connections or joints. You can try to repair it yourself, but that could lead to bigger issues if you are not a trained plumber. For a more lasting solution, reach out to a professional plumber for quality plumbing repair services.

Constantly running toilet

A running toilet can be considered a plumbing emergency as it can waste more than 200 hundred gallons of water each day. There are a number of reasons that would cause your toilet to run continuously. One of the most common culprits is a broken flapper valve that controls the amount of water flowing from the tank to the bowl. It is possible that the flapper valve no longer fits correctly or the fill tube has become loose. In this case, identify the part that is not working and have it replaced.

Leaky pipes

plumbing tools
A home’s plumbing issues can cause headaches

Leaky pipes are a plumbing system issue that typically requires the expertise of a professional plumber. Its damage can be extensive and can affect the surrounding walls, floors and even your belongings. Leaks normally happen at joints and you can purchase commercial joint fillers for a temporary solution. However, for a permanent fix, you may need a professional replace the length of the pipes or its fittings.

Clogged bath or shower drain

Bath and shower drains are prone to clogs of soap and hair. When you encounter this problem, you can try using vinegar or baking soda to clear the clog. If that doesn’t work, try using a snake or a plunger to clear the blockage. Make sure to have this issue addressed as early as possible before it gets worse. You can also buy a drain guard to prevent this particular type of plumbing issue in the future.

Clogged toilet

You know you’ve got a clogged toilet when it fills up with water and doesn’t drain away. Several things could be causing the blockage but more often than not, it could be a combination of paper and waste. A plunger usually does the trick when it comes to clearing a clogged toilet. But if that doesn’t push the blockage through, try a drain auger or a snake to clear it up.

Faulty water heater

If there is no hot water when you turn the faucet on, it could be a faulty water heater.   This could be caused by several different issues. There could be a buildup of sediment in the tank or the pilot light might have gone out and you may need to relight it. You may also have to check if the thermostat is at fault. If the cause of the problem is anything outside these basic issues, you may have to call a professional plumber for the repair.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure is common in older homes, although it can happen in newer homes, too. One of the symptoms to watch out for is water trickling out of the tap instead of rushing out. The low pressure could be caused by leaking pipes that have become worn, damaged or broken, especially when they have been in use for a long time.  It may also be a clog in the faucet or shower head. You may want to contact a professional plumber for the best and longest lasting solution.

Any issue with your plumbing system, regardless of how small or big they are, should never be ignored and should be addressed immediately. And if you need quality plumbing repair services from a professional plumber, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Johnson Plumbing.


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