Bathroom Remodel Checklist before a Renovation

Bathroom Remodel Checklist Before a RenovationHome improvement projects, like a bathroom remodeling, can be very exciting. Whether you want to make a few simple changes or drastic ones, there are a couple of important things that you should consider before jumping into this project. Make sure your bathroom renovation runs smoothly with this checklist below.


One of the first and most important things to consider is your budget. By determining your budget, it will be easier for you to make decisions in the remodel. Once you have figured out how much you can spend, you can budget for labor, fixtures, tiles, etc.


The time required for a remodel may vary depending on the type and size of the project. Just because it is a bathroom remodel, doesn’t mean it won’t take a long time. It depends on how many items you are changing in your bathroom. Even with one bathroom in the house, you need to budget time for planning. Remember,planning will not only define the duration of the project; it will also detail the necessary steps. This includes the purchase of materials, so that they are available when the contractor needs them.

Design and functionality

Bathroom Remodel ChecklistAnother important consideration for a bathroom remodel is the design and style. How do you want your bathroom to look like? When thinking about the design, you must consider the paint color, showers, tiles, faucets, tubs, etc. If you aren’t sure what style to go with, try doing some research for inspiration. Then, put together elements to come up with the final design of the bathroom.

When thinking about design, functionality should also be part of the consideration. Think about who will be using the bathroom and how it will fit in the rest of the house. Also consider an eventual resale of the house.


Before doing a bathroom remodel, be sure to take measurements. The overall size of the bathroom matters. You must consider the space that  plumbing and fixtures need. Be sure to take accurate measurements to avoid buying stuff that does not fit.


Your renovation will not be complete without plumbing fixtures. Make a checklist for the ones to replace or add such as shower, toilet, bathtub, sink, drains, etc. Is the residential plumbing going to be impacted by your renovation? When adding fixtures, make sure to use pipes that are large enough to prevent clogs.

Walls and flooring

Any waterproof material can be used in bathroom walls and floors. Your choice will depend on your budget, style and how durable you want them to be. For flooring, your options include cement, tiles or vinyl tiles. Choose something that is both slip resistant and durable.


Adequate lighting is crucial in a bathroom. Otherwise, it might be downright dangerous. Be sure to plan for lighting adequate to brighten up the room and create an atmosphere. Think about how to maximize natural lighting before adding artificial light fixtures. You may also want to install a dimmer switch so you can adjust the mood in your bathroom.

Cabinets and storage

Planning storage fixtures may not be easy if you have a very limited bathroom space. When adding cabinets, make sure they fit into the available space. They should be functional and accommodate all your stuff while looking stylish.

Doing a bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Refer to this checklist before starting the renovation to help you achieve your desired results. More importantly, be sure to reach out to a licensed contractor to handle the job. If you need help when it comes to the plumbing aspect of the project, feel free to contact Johnson Plumbing.

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