How to Maintain Your Water Heater During the Summers

How to Maintain Your Water Heater During the Summers

Due to excessive usage during the winter season, it would be wise of you to schedule a water heater maintenance as the spring season rolls in.

Your water heater is one of the most hard-working and durable plumbing appliances in your home; however, not paying attention to its upkeep can lead to system deterioration and, ultimately, failure. It can leave you with no hot water to take a shower or to run appliances that require hot water to operate efficiently, such as dishwasher and washing machine. A damaged water heater won’t just put your life to a halt, but it will also lead to high repair and replacement costs.

Here are some maintenance tips to help keep your water heater in top condition throughout the spring and summer seasons.

Regulate the Temperatures

Most water heaters come with a pre-set temperature of 140°F. However, according to the United States Department of Energy, a water heater shouldn’t be set at a temperature higher than 120°F. You can cut down your energy bills by 5 percent with every 10-degree reduction in your home’s temperature, as revealed by House Logic.

Note: Don’t forget to unplug an electric water heater unit before adjusting the temperature on the thermostat.

Insulate the System

Most new and advanced water heater units are already lined with an insulation blanket or a layer of fiberglass. However, if you have an older system, chances are it won’t be insulated, and you most probably will have to get it done. Insulation will make your water heater operate more efficiently and consume less energy while maintaining the water temperatures. You can also consider insulating the pipes that take hot water to other appliances and plumbing fixtures in your home. Before you insulate pipes with thick foam, make sure the pipes aren’t cracked or leaking.

Keep an Eye on the Pilot

If you have a gas-powered water heater in your home, it’s important to inspect any variations in the pilot light. If the flame is a shade of blue color, it’s good to go. If the color changes to red or orange, immediately call for a water heater repair. Ignoring this can cause more significant problems in your water heater and other plumbing appliances over time.

Regular maintenance can help you extend the useful life of your water heater, improve its efficiency, and save dollars on your energy bills. Despite caring for your unit, however, it may sometime experience problems that only a professional plumber can fix.

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