It’s 2020. It’s Time to Go Eco-Friendly with Your Water Heater Already!

It’s 2020. It’s Time to Go Eco-Friendly with Your Water Heater Already!

The world is already engulfed in a global crisis, so we definitely don’t want to worsen things by polluting the environment at the same time. We need to make a collective effort to minimize the climatic impact of everyday activities.

Being eco-friendly means minimizing the impact that your everyday interactions have on the earth and its environment. Even baby steps like turning off unnecessary lights or recycling reusable materials counts as going eco-friendly.

Here are some of the ways you can do so:

The need to go eco-friendly
According to a study by Forbes, more and more brands are trying to recycle raw materials, and 80% of brands have successfully adopted eco-friendly practices.

When it comes to the need to go green, two of the most pressing issues are excess plastic production and carbon emissions. You’d be surprised to know that every year, the world collectively produces over 320 million metric tons of plastic! This plastic then makes its way to our landfill sites and oceans. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, every year, the total amount of carbon emissions increases by around 3.7%; industries are responsible for 22% of these emissions.

What are eco-friendly water heaters?

If you want to play your part in helping the earth go green, you can start by replacing some key plumbing fixtures in your home—including your water heater.

A tankless water heater is your best bet in this regard. Unlike conventional water heaters, these only produce hot water when required. This means that there are no standby energy losses. This not only saves energy but can also save you money. All of this contributes to lower emissions as well.

Other than that, tankless water heaters also last longer and need less frequent replacements. While an ordinary storage-tank water heater lasts for about ten years, tankless water heaters can last for as long as twenty years. This also means less manufacturing on the industry’s part.

Where can you get eco-friendly water heaters in Reno?

If you’re based in Reno, Nevada, there’s a multitude of plumbing services that are up and running despite the COVID-19 situation. Johnson’s Plumbing is one such service. The company is not only installing, repairing, and replacing eco-friendly heaters, but is also taking all the required safety precautions. Heater installation staff is being rigorously trained to comply with safety SOPs.

For most details about our plumbing services reno, take a look here!

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