How to Prep for your Bathroom Renovation

How to Prep for your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations can be quite overwhelming. The process of deciding a budget, choosing the right fixtures, and booking a contractor can be time-consuming and draining. While this can indeed be tiring, a refinished bathroom adds a great touch to your home.

However, the inconvenience that comes with a renovation is inevitable. But there are specific steps you can take to manage the pressure of a bathroom remodelling. Let’s go through some of these below:

Plan ahead for unique projects

Once you’ve determined the design for your new bathroom, plan for the unique features that you wish to add to it. An exclusive vanity, eco-friendly fixtures or steam showers—all these individual projects require extra time and planning on your end.

Discuss the layout of any select units with your contractor beforehand to make sure they fit in perfectly. This will also help you avoid any unplanned inconvenience once the renovation begins.

Take your time in choosing fixtures

The faucets and showerheads in your bathroom will likely stay with you for many years. Hence, selecting the right accessories now can help you save a lot of time and money that you may have to spend on repair and replacement in the future.

So, make sure to pay extra attention to bathroom fixtures when you set out to shop for them. Some things that you should look out for include durability, maintenance required and water and energy consumption.

Discuss work schedules with your contractor

Having a realistic understanding of how long the remodelling will take and what a typical workday will look like can help you prepare for the disruption, stress and mess that comes with a bathroom renovation.

Have a one-on-one meeting with the plumbers and make sure to note down all special requirements that you may have to take care of. If you have one bathroom in the house, you’d probably have to set up a portable toilet booth to use for a few days.

However, sometimes contractors can keep certain fixtures useable for most of the project, making your life very easy. Just have a word with them beforehand to figure out these details.

Clear out your bathroom before the renovation begins

Removing all things that are mobile from your bathroom before the professionals arrive will save you precious time. Make sure you remove soaps, shampoos, candles, toilet covers, bathmats, magazines, and trash cans from the vicinity.

The renovation crew will most likely affix plastic sheets on the walls and flooring of the bathroom to avoid any unwanted stains. So, you won’t have to worry about any debris and dust collected.

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