Top 3 Benefits of Remodeling Your Residential Bathroom

Top 3 Benefits of Remodeling Your Residential Bathroom

Homeowners usually overlook the importance of bathroom repairs and maintenance until a pipe clogs or a faucet leaks. But a room that’s used so often requires your attention.

If your residential bathroom is facing plumbing issues like dripping faucets, clogged water drains, and rusty pipes, then it’s time to invest in a bathroom remodel. Other than the personal joys of a fresh and pristine bathroom, a remodeling service benefits you in many other ways.

Daily showers in an old, rusty, and unattractive bathroom are dissatisfying, and can even be harmful to your health. Moreover, substandard fixtures lead to messy clogs and leaks from time to time.

If you’re still unsure about investing in a bathroom remodel, continue reading, because we’ve discussed three exciting benefits of face-lifting your old, dingy bathroom.

Spend Now, Save A Ton Later

A bathroom remodel seems expensive and time-consuming, but it’ll be more than worth it when maintenance costs stall in the future. Replacing leaking faucets and taps, reinstalling tiles, getting a water-efficient toilet and aerators—all of these interventions offer you long-term peace.

If you’re interested in eco-friendly design, buy fixtures and fittings from companies that make less toxic, recyclable products. Having an eco-friendly bathroom minimizes monetary and environmental costs.

Enjoy the Latest Designs and Technology

Remodeling your bathroom allows you to redesign the space using the latest technology. Moreover, it also gives you the liberty to revamp it with a completely new aesthetic.

Think about your bathroom’s current layout. Is it too congested? Are there too many fixtures and fittings? Are the tiles too dark? Add a personal touch by incorporating primary changes in color, cabinets, and counter spaces to enjoy a refreshing new look.

Reduce Bills with an Energy Upgrade

You’ll be surprised by the utility bill savings after a bathroom remodeling service is done with your bathroom! The right remodeler assists you in coming up with ways to save energy in your home.

The Home Improvement Research Institute HIRI, and the National Association of Remodeling Industry NARI, conducted a joint study that presented the following energy-saving upgrades:

  • Reduce 71% energy consumption by adding insulation in the walls and attic
  • Insulated windows reduce energy consumption by 66%.
  • The latest LED lights can save up to 56% in energy consumption compared to their counterparts.

Moreover, install ADA handicap accessible features in your bathroom for a more inclusive and conscious approach in its design.

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