Why You Should Upgrade to High-Efficiency Toilets

Why You Should Upgrade to High-Efficiency Toilets

High-efficiency toilets are also known as low-flow toilets. As the name suggests, low-flush toilets use less water than full-flush toilets per flush. Specifically, the former use fewer than 1.3 gallons of water per flush, and the latter use more than 1.6 gallons.

Despite the economic and environmental advantages of high-efficiency toilets, people are skeptical. This skepticism can be traced back to the inefficiency of initial low-flush toilets (they were bad at flushing in 1994). People, evidently, valued hygiene over money, so they opted for full-flush toilets. The earliest low-flush models typically required two flushes. Not only was this more inconvenient than full-flush toilets, but it also involved using more water than full-flush toilets.

Over two decades later, high-efficiency toilets have bridged the utility gap between full-flush toilets and themselves in 1994. Here’s why it makes sense to upgrade to high-efficiency toilets.


Low-flush toilets don’t strain your water bill as much as full-flush toilets do because the former use less water than the latter. The EPA estimates that low-flush toilets can cut down your water bill by $140 per year (at the very least). Given performance improvements over the past few decades, there’s no downside to opting for low-flush toilets.


As mentioned above, innovation has paved the way for improvements in low-flush toilet performance. Consider these two design improvements: larger trap ways (where the water flows through when flushed) and increased flushing power. These improvements guarantee that your toilet neither gets blocked nor requires multiple flushes. The features also equalize the performance gap mentioned above.


Low-flush toilets are environmentally friendly because they use less water. Using less water means your state’s water supply isn’t strained.

The better flushing power also minimizes the odds of clogs, which can spur sewer line issues. Sewer line leaks can contaminate groundwater, release toxic fumes, and more. As more and more people begin adopting low-flush toilets, the environmental benefits will grow.

Curb Appeal

Beyond the convenience of no clogs or leaks and environmentally-friendly plumbing, high-efficiency toilets boost your home’s curb appeal. People won’t have to install said plumbing, and they’ll be willing to pay more for the convenience. Whether you plan to sell or not, improving your home’s value is never a bad idea.

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