4 Types Of Water Heaters You Can Choose From for Your Home

4 Types Of Water Heaters You Can Choose From for Your Home

It’s still winter and taking a warm shower daily is a necessity. If you’re looking for a water heater, we’ve got your back! The first thing to keep in mind is which water heater really suits your house. Water heaters can spike your energy bills and some of them might not provide enough hot water for your needs.

Here are four types of water heaters to consider when you’re choosing one.

1.   Storage Tank Water Heaters

The traditional storage tank water heaters heat the water and then stores it in a tank for later use. It consists of a particular capacity and you can only control the water temperature and pressure through the valves.


These are relatively affordable and can be great for a small family that has less water consumption. They’re more energy-efficient as they don’t continuously heat the water.


However, if you have more rooms and family members in your house, your water consumption might be higher. As storage tank water heater takes time to heat and refill the tank it will be slower due to the limited capacity.


It needs constant maintenance and cleaning to get rid of mineral deposits that cause corrosion.

2.   Condensing Water Heater

The condensation water heater operates using natural gas. It uses the surrounding heat to increase the water temperature, which makes it energy-efficient. The base of the heater consists of heating coils that transmit heat throughout the water.


It requires less maintenance compared to other heaters. The pipes that provide the gas supply need to be changed frequently, which becomes quite inexpensive.


It’s a cheaper alternative for households with more members as it saves up on their energy bills in the long run.


3.   Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters have a dual way of heating the water. It uses electricity only when the water needs to be transferred to the tank, consuming less energy and saving a substantial amount of money.


It requires more space to be installed, and if the surrounding temperatures remain cold, the heater might not work properly. Moreover, the machine set up is quite costly.


4.   Solar Powered Heaters

These are the most cost-effective water heaters. If you have sufficient space on your roof you can install the solar panels with a one-time investment and then reap the benefits over time. The solar panels absorb the energy from the sunlight producing electricity, which will in turn generate heat for the water heater.


This will not only save your electricity bills but it’ll also help you save the environment as it contributes toward an eco-friendly lifestyle.


If you need to install a water heater, you can contact us to get a recommendation for the right water heater that would suit your family’s needs and lifestyle. We also provide residential plumbing services in Reno as well as emergency plumbing fixes.


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