Top 6 Ways You’re Wasting Water

Top 6 Ways You’re Wasting Water

Did you know that 3/4th of the Earth is covered with water, but only 3% of it is consumable? What’s more shocking, more than half of the planet’s freshwater reserves are inaccessible because they’re either trapped in glaciers, snowfields or lie too far beneath the ground to be extracted.

Therefore, keeping an eye on water consumption is extremely important. EPA states that an American household uses approx. 300 gallons of water every day and wastes around 90 gallons of freshwater per week. Keeping track of water consumption can make a huge difference in your utility bills, and regular plumbing expenses.

The first step to conserve water is to identify where, when, and how you might be wasting it. Let’s find out!

1.   Leaving the Tap Running when Brushing Teeth

A classic lousy habit that wastes countless water drops every day. The US Green Building Council states that the average water running speed in a residential tap is 1.5 gallons per minute, so if you’re brushing your teeth for two minutes, you waste around 3 gallons of water in one go!

2.   Using Toilet as a Trashcan 

Toilets are one of the most prominent and significant water wastage sources in residential and commercial properties. If you’re using your bathroom as a trash can, you might be wasting hundreds of water gallons per day. Moreover, ignoring an inefficient, clogged toilet can lead to 200-gallon wastage per day.

Not to mention, flushing anything except waste or toilet paper down the toilet damages your residential plumbing system too.

3.   Taking Long Showers

Freshwater isn’t a necessity anymore; it’s a luxury. With water resources running out abruptly, we must do everything we can to conserve them. An average American uses around 18 gallons of water per shower—that’s a lot of water.

You can either reduce your shower duration or switch to efficient and low-pressure shower heads to curb this issue.

4.   Leaky Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing leaks and dents in a residential property lead to more than 10,000 gallons of water wastage per year. It’s incredibly crucial to keep an eye on your plumbing system’s efficiency and maintenance to mitigate water wastage risk.

Call in professional plumbers to repair or replace leaky faucets, flush tanks, or drains. Another way to detect a potential plumbing leak is by monitoring your monthly utility bills. An unexpected spike in the water bills can be a sign of a leaky pipe.

5.   Running Half-Full Laundry

Running half-full laundry utilizes excess water and can be inefficient in the long run. To save water, consider running full loads of laundry. Doing so will also help you reduce your water bills.

6.   Hosing Patio and Garage Instead of Sweeping It

Unless there’s been a sand storm in your area, hosing down your patio or garage is water wastage. Considering that a typical water hose produces around 6 gallons of water per minute, try sweeping and mopping the areas instead of using a high-pressure water hose.

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