4 Signs Your Residential Sewer Line is Clogged

4 Signs Your Residential Sewer Line is Clogged

Sewer lines are an integral part of a residential plumbing system. They offer a passageway to take out collected wastewater from your toilets and kitchen.

Clogged and murky residential sewers can lead to several problems, including health issues. They tend to destroy internal pipes and fixtures and lead to the growth of harmful germs and microbes. Moreover, clogged sewers can also cause mold and mildew breakout in walls, ceilings, and floor, thereby harming the structural integrity of your home. You might not pay attention to sewer maintenance frequently, but you must ensure a routine inspection every now and then.

Malfunctioning sewers can inflict havoc in your home. One clogged pipe and the whole system can collapse within a few days. Therefore, it’s your utmost responsibility to check sewer lines for potential clogs. Here are the five most common sighs of clogged sewers:

1.   Pooling Water in the Backyard

Noticing unwanted and unexpected lush green growth and dampness in your backyard or lawn? This is another sign of a faulty sewer system. A clogged sewer pipe can accumulate dirt and debris from the wastewater and start leaking over time. The water from these leaks seep into the ground and cause green patches and sometimes, mold growth on grassy surfaces.

So, if you see your backyard’s getting unusually lush, get sewer lines checked by professional plumbers right away.

2.   Buzzing Fruit Flies

If nasty fruit flies have appeared in your home over night, look for possible things that might be attracting them. If there are no ripe bananas in your fruit basket or leftover food on the table, we hate to break it to you that clogged sewers might be the culprit.

Clogged sewer lines release gross odor and foul germs into the air that attract fruit flies and insects. Therefore, you must act right away if any of these signs appear.

3.   Foul Odor

Have you recently noticed a foul smell like rotten eggs in your home? If it persists even after you’ve thoroughly cleaned the toilets, you’re not looking in the right direction.

A foul, pungent smell inside may be an indicator of a faulty and clogged sewer line. The grime and gunk accumulated inside the pipes’ cavity releases filthy odors that are also harmful to your health.

4.   Mold Growth

It’s not always the humidity causing mold and mildew growth in your home. Potential sewer clog and leaks can also allow water to seep into the walls and ceiling and result in mold growth. Keep an eye on paint discoloration on walls and moisture patches on the ceilings. Mold isn’t just harmful for human health, it can also lead to severe issues in your centralized HVAC system.

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Clogged sewer lines are an open invitation to unexpected Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs), which can destroy your home’s structural integrity and look.

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