It’s 2020. It’s Time to Go Eco-Friendly with Your Water Heater Already!

Plumbing-Related Items You Can Install To Conserve Water

More than 6280 gallons of water are wasted in an average household every year. Water conservation is crucial for saving utility costs but also for saving the environment. There are different ways to conserve water and reduce your carbon footprint, but the primary way to start is to install water-saving devices.

Efficient Showerheads

A typical showerhead uses about 9 gallons of water, which means about 1.5 gallons per minute. Purchasing a low-flow showerhead reduces it to 1 gallon or less.

Before installing one, ensure any rust or debris build-up is removed, and the showerhead is cleaned well with a vinegar soak solution to unclog it thoroughly.

Innovative technology also allows people to measure and restrict the amount of water used by each person in the shower so that it can warn you when you take too long in the shower while procrastinating.

Inflatable Tank Devices

A simple yet effective solution to save tons of water is to float inflatable bags that fill some of the toilet tank’s space. You can also place some bricks or plastic bottles filled with water to displace some water and save lots of water on each flush without having to remember which buttons to press each time you use the facility!

Soaker Hose

You probably want your outdoor garden or lawn to be lush and vibrant. It’s possible to make your wish come true without wasting water by installing drip irrigation systems or soaker hoses that gradually release the water directly into the plants’ roots.

It helps reduce water usage by up to 60% as they limit evaporation or runoff when the timer is set and automatically turn off if there is optimal moisture in the soil from recent rain showers.

Install High-Efficiency, Low-Flow Faucet Aerators

Installing aerators help control water usage by mixing it with air as it flows through the faucets. Since each faucet uses about 20% of the water in each household, an estimate claims that aerators reduce the usage by over 32%.

Install them in every faucet that uses excessive water, including the kitchen, bathroom, shower, or more. Making this small switch can help save over 400 gallons of water each year.

By paying close attention to your household’s water-usage habits and connecting with local plumbers at Reno’s leading plumbing company, Johnson Plumbing, you can cut down unnecessary waste and save costs.

Our licensed residential plumbers can install all eco-friendly plumbing fixtures coherently and provide comprehensive commercial plumbing, industrial plumbing, 24/7 plumbing services for emergencies, and unmatched residential plumbing services, such as residential bathroom remodeling, water heater repair, and more in Reno, Nevada.

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