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Plumbing Considerations For Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Although known as one of the most exorbitant home renovating ventures, bathroom remodeling adds massive value to a home while modernizing it to adapt to the evolving needs and upping its style game instantly!

While functionality and comfort should be at the heart of a home improvement project, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun and experiment with various aspects to match your style.

Since these enhancements are meant to stand the test of time while being in your budget and looking glamourous, here’s what Reno homeowners should essentially consider when planning ahead.

#1 Drain Size

A typical PVC plastic drainage pipe varies from 1 inch to 1.5 inches in diameter. Homeowners looking to renovate should know that such drain pipes only become narrower with time as debris and hair inevitably cause clogs, especially when multiple people use the bathroom regularly.

Consider upgrading by installing drain pipes with at least 2 to 2.5 inches in diameter. While the broader drainage pipe costs about the same, this invisible improvement can greatly enhance your bathroom’s functionality.

#2 Toilet Tanks

As one of the most crucial considerations, especially if you’re opting for a cistern, mounted tank, or moving the placement of the toilet. Although hidden toilet tanks require recessed drainage systems that need advanced planning, they serve several benefits, including being more efficient while saving space.

Another smart choice that homeowners can make is to opt for eco-friendly low-flow models that fit perfectly with countless contemporary bathroom styles while saving significant amounts of water every time you flush.

#3 Pipe Placement

If you find that your home’s plumbing pipes are placed along the exterior wall, make sure to get the pipelines heavily wrapped and insulated. This is especially true if you live in extremely cold climates where there is a risk of pipes freezing during winters.

#4 Floor Drain For Showers

Tiled shower floorings look absolutely chic, but it’s crucial not to forget to install an efficient shower floor drain at the base of the shower. Also, ensure that the incredibly esthetic shower is angled adequately at the right slope for optimal drainage.

#5 Plumbing Requirements

While you’re at it,  your local plumber can also install a bidet, fix a hose bib connection, check water leakage or additional water lines that drain through the bathroom, and help install saunas, vanities, faucets, sinks, tubs, showers, water softeners, and other energy-efficient or ADA handicap accessible fixtures.

If you’re looking for licensed residential plumbers, connect with Johnson Plumbing. As one of Reno’s top plumbing companies, we offer a comprehensive range of plumbing services, including residential bathroom remodeling, commercial plumbing, industrial plumbing services, water heater repair, and more.

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