3 Signs You Have Weak Water Pressure

3 Signs You Have Weak Water Pressure

Weak water pressure can be a little tricky to identify. Unfortunately, even a minor issue can lead to bigger problems in the long run. Weak water pressure can cause potential damage to your home.

Here are some common signs that indicate weak water pressure:

1.     Problematic Pipelines

When you open all the water valves and experience a low amount of water flow, this indicates that you have weak water pressure. This could be due to corrosion of pipes which can cause problems like contamination and leakage. Remember, good-looking fixtures don’t always mean that there’s nothing clogging the pipes.

2.     Everyday Tasks Are Slowing Down

Is your dishwashing taking forever to complete? Or is it taking a longer time than usual to shower because the shower pressure seems a bit slow? Well, these are clear signs of weak water pressure.

3.     Running Two Fixtures at the Same Time

While running multiple fixtures at the same time, the water pressure will inevitably decrease. This could be because many homes don’t have pipes of an adequate size to supply the same amount of water to all the fixtures.

While running two fixtures, if you witness a significant drop in water pressure, this might be a sign of weak water pressure.

Most Common Reasons for Weak Water Pressure

You will often find shut-off valves near your water meter; there’s one inside, and another outside the house. Find them and check whether they are fully open. If they are somewhat closed, that might just be the culprit behind weak water pressure.

Mineral corrosion in pipelines weakens the water pressure. This happens when your water supply source has a lot of minerals in it.

Any hidden water leakage can cause weak water pressure. Remember, the longer you leave water leakage unattended, the more damage it will cause.

Final Takeaway

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