How Small Sewage Issues Can Turn into Bigger Problems

How Small Sewage Issues Can Turn into Bigger Problems

Sewage issues are the worst, and unfortunately, we don’t often pay much attention to them. Mostly, they are noticeable when they cause extensive damage to your house. These issues can take many forms and turn into bigger problems.

To keep your property clean and functioning, you must take care of your home’s sewer lines. Here are some critical sewage issues you must not leave unattended;

1.     Sediment in backups

Pay close attention and check if backing up water is dirty or not. If dirty, this means that sediment is affecting the water quality. The presence of sediment in backups is mostly from the sewer line, not from an internal plumbing system. Usually, the sediments appear dirty but contains some mud.

If left unattended, this issue can damage pumps, water appliances, plumbing or block the whole water system.

2.     Don’t Grow Big Trees in the Yard


To be honest, big trees may look beautiful in your yard, but they can cause some sewage issues. How? Root structures do not stop growing, and there’s a huge possibility that they might grow far beyond the above-ground footprints. As they keep growing, they can crush sewage pipes and water lines buried underground.

3.     Water Backs Up in Heavy Rain

Heavy rainfall can damage your property, including sewer lines. As a result, rain will fill up your sewage system’s capacity, and the sewer will overflow. If you don’t have any backflow prevention device, you may face bigger problems related to safety and health.

4.     Mold On Walls

When a sewage pipeline breaks inside the walls, humidity quickly starts growing dangerous mold. Mold does not only smell bad, but it can also be life-threatening. You or your loved ones can carry diseases like typhoid, hepatitis A, and various infections. Don’t let small sewerage issues harm your health, connect with an expert now and get it fixed!

Final Takeaway

Long term exposure to gases from sewage leaks can be harmful for your health.

Here, at Johnson Plumbing, we care about our client’s health and property. With our team of experts, we ensure to deliver you the best and reliable 24/7 plumbing service in Reno. We take pride in our work and aim to deliver the best at affordable rates. For further details, contact us now!

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