5 Common Plumbing Problems in the Summer Season

5 Common Plumbing Problems in the Summer Season

Summer’s here, and for the fans of the sun, it is time to rejoice! With Reno’s summers breaking records and getting hotter every year, households should prepare for the plumbing problems that usually accompany the summer season.

Plumbing issues happen all year long. However, some problems are unique to the hot weather. As field professionals, we solve Reno’s residential plumbing problems all the time, so we decided to compile a list of 5 common summer plumbing issues so you can get ahead of them!

1.   Sprinkler Issues

Your lawn sprinklers have received a well-deserved break, but this could lead to wear and tear. Lawnmowers and increased foot traffic during the summer season can also damage the sprinkler heads. Before you turn the sprinklers on, be sure to check the heads for damages.

Bonus tip: Check the hose for leaks as well so you don’t end up wasting water. Leaks are hard to detect in sprinklers, so you can also consider having a plumber check your sprinklers for you.

2.   Slow Shower Drains

Summers and outdoor trips go hand in hand, but one thing you need to keep an eye on is how to keep the outdoor dirt and grit out of your shower drains.

If your shower drains are slowed, don’t go for chemical clog removers just yet. Instead, try snaking your drain. If that doesn’t work, give your plumber a call.

3.   Clogging Issues

Clogging issues can happen during the summer mainly because more of the family is at home, and carelessness is in the air. Whether it’s clogged garbage disposal or clogged toilets, these problems can be very annoying. You can try unclogging it yourself, but if it doesn’t work, it’s best to reach out to your plumber before the problem gets worse.

4.   Sump Pumps

Summers bring with them rains, which means having a sump pump is essential, especially if your house has a basement. Your pump needs regular maintenance as well, but most homeowners forget all about it during the winter and spring seasons. Make sure your pump is up and running before it pours.

5.   Sewer Line Backups

Heavy showers can bring on a hoard of problems, but the most problematic is your sewer line getting backed up. If you face this issue during summers, call your plumber right away!

Let Johnson Plumbing Deal with Your Summer Plumbing Issues

Summer plumbing issues can put a damper on the fun, which is why you should let the experts take care of these problems before they spiral out of hand. Get in touch with Johnson Plumbing, Reno’s preferred residential plumber!

We have been taking care of residential plumbing issues in Reno for over 20 years now, so do give us a call for your plumbing needs.

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