Common Problems Associated with Water Heaters

Common Problems Associated with Water Heaters

Having a water heater installed in your home can prove to be a blessing. One of its most significant advantages is the conservation of energy and water. This makes water heaters an excellent eco-friendly option. Additionally, you can also save money paying your electricity and water bills, which is a huge plus.

Sometimes your water heater may come across some problems; although there are times you can fix the issue yourself, there are others that will require proper water heater repair services.

1. Temperature problems

This problem can go both ways: either the water is too hot or too cold.

If the water is too hot, the thermostat may not stay at the desired temperature. You can fix this, but make sure you turn off the power supply in the service panel first. After that, you can alter the temperature settings safely.

If the water is too cold, it may mean several things. First, the circuit breaker may have tripped. You can try to restart it and see if the problem is fixed. Additionally, the heating mechanism may have a fault. You should call a water heater repair service in this scenario to get the unit replaced.

A third scenario here is that the water is neither hot nor cold. This indicates that although the heating system is fine, the unit may be too small to fulfill the household’s water needs.

2. Water-related problems

It may sometimes happen that the water does not come out clear. Its color may be a particularly disgusting shade of brown, which indicates that your water tank is corroded from the inside. You should call a professional plumber to get the anode rod replaced to see if it solves the problem. If it doesn’t, it probably means you’ll need to get the water tanker replaced.

Coming in contact with dirty or contaminated water has various adverse health effects, so it’s essential you address the problem instantly.

3. Leakag

If your water heater is experiencing leakages, the problem can be traced back to the tanker itself, leaking valves, or loose connections.


You can fix leaking valves by tightening them with a wrench. If the problem persists, it may be possible that the gaskets might be causing the leak. We recommend you get plumbing services to replace them.

At Johnson Plumbing, we believe in caring for our customers. That is why we provide plumbing solutions which always fit your needs without sending you a hefty bill. Call us now to get your plumbing fixes done.

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