Beginner's Guide to A Plumbing Emergency

Beginner’s Guide to A Plumbing Emergency

If you fail to deal with urgent situations when it comes to plumbing, it can turn out to be catastrophic. Many businesses offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services because of this exact reason.

The following are situations where you need to call plumbing services right away:

1. Burst pipes and leaks

A pipe can burst due to many reasons. However, if the problem isn’t isolated, there’s a high risk of flooding in your residential/industrial premises. You need to call a plumber right away to contain the damage. Not only will your property and valuables be damaged, but untreated leakage can lead to contamination as well. There are multiple reports which state how dangerous it can be.

Additionally, a lot of water will also be wasted. For example, it’s estimated that around 10,000 gallons of water are wasted through small leaks. Water shortage is a global issue, so we should play our part in preserving as much water as we can and fix these problems as early as possible.

However, if these water leaks are near an electrical output, the situation is extremely risky and a professional plumber will be needed right away.

2. Water heater failure

In areas like Nevada, we know how harsh the weather conditions sometimes become. So if your water heater isn’t functioning correctly, you may need to call a water heater repair service right away.

Not having access to clean water can affect your daily routine in countless ways like cooking, cleaning, showering, etc.

3. Clogged drain lines

All residential and industrial systems develop clogs over time. They must be eliminated before it becomes a significant problem. Clogged pipelines cause water to accumulate, and that can result in unpleasant odors and water-borne diseases.

If clogging becomes too severe, you may have to end up spending a lot of money to get it unclogged.


As a professional plumbing service, we recommend you to get plumbing work done frequently so that major problems are avoided. However, the harsh weather conditions of Nevada can create sudden plumbing-related problems.

We at Johnson Plumbing understand that, and that is why we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Reno. With over 20 years of plumbing experience, we assure you that all your plumbing needs will be met! Get in touch with us today.

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