5 Signs Your Water Pressure Is Too High

5 Signs Your Water Pressure Is Too High

You might think that high water pressure is a good thing. But it can damage your plumbing system. High water pressure may also shorten the lifespan of your appliances like washing machines, ice makers, and more.

Here are five easy-to-spot signs to know that you’re dealing with high water pressure and you need a professional plumber immediately.

1.     Banging Noises

Are you greeted with banging noise whenever you use a faucet or flush your toilet? This is a sign that the water pressure in your pipes is extremely high. The high water pressure could lead to plumbing leaks as well. So, it’s better that you call a plumber right away!

2.     High Water Bills

Are your water bills creeping up high for no reason? This can indicate that your house is dealing with high water pressure. The high water bill is a result of you using more water without realizing it. A typical faucet has a regular pressure of 50 PSI but when the pressure is high, it can get up to 80–100 PSI, wasting up to 15 gallons of water.

3.     Noisy Appliances

A noisy dishwasher or washing machine could mean that you have high water pressure. High water pressure can wear out your appliances much faster than usual because of the high power force. This will lead to more noise and strain, and eventually a shorter lifespan of appliances.

4.     Leaking Faucets

High water pressure can cause corrosion on the rubber of faucets. This corrosion can damage the seal of faucets as well, causing water leakage. However, you might think that replacing the seal can make your problem go away, but this doesn’t permanently solve the core problem: high water pressure.

So, fixing your water pressure can be the only solution, which will also make your faucets last longer.

5.     Pipe Leakage

High water pressure can significantly damage the plumbing in your home. If you find a leakage in your wall or under your floorboards, it might signify high water pressure.

High water pressure causes considerable strain on a pipe, so you might want to solve the issue immediately to avoid potential damage.

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