Hard Water vs. Soft Water: Impact on Our Appliances

Hard Water vs. Soft Water: Impact on Our Appliances

When it comes to water, it’s essential to know the effect it has on our home appliances. Water can significantly impact your home appliances and plumbing system because of the minerals it contains. But the question remains, how to determine which is the best type of water for your plumbing system and house.

Hard Water vs. Soft Water


The hardness of water is determined by the amount of magnesium and calcium it contains. Higher levels of these minerals will make the water hard.

When the minerals are reduced, the water turns into soft water. Moreover, soft water tends to have a high concentration of sodium and salt.

Signs of Hard Water

  • Less water pressure
  • Spots on mirrors or glass
  • Mineral stains on clothes
  • Less lather

Signs of Soft Water

  • A healthy lather
  • No mineral stains on clothes
  • A slight sodium taste in water
  • High water pressure

Effect of Hard Water on Appliances

Even though it’s considered that hard water can help fight cardiovascular diseases due to its calcium and magnesium properties, it has its fair share of disadvantages:

Scale Buildup

Hard water can deposit minerals on your home appliances like faucets, coffee pots, and showerheads, etc. Not only does that damage the look of your appliances but also causes a foul taste to the water.

Plumbing Repairs

Hard water is not very well received by steel pipes. Steel pipes easily get damaged due to the minerals present in hard water, resulting in corrosion. This may lead to pipe repairs more often than usual.

Effects of Soft Water on Home Appliances

Soft water tends to be gentler on home appliances. It keeps home appliances in good condition causing least to no damage.

Bottom Line

Even though 85% of the US is hard water area, there are multiple options to turn hard water into soft water. One of the most common things you can utilize is a water softener, which can make your plumbing system and home appliances last longer.

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