Which Water Heater is Better: Electric or Gas?

Which Water Heater is Better: Electric or Gas?

Every year, more than 9 million water heaters are sold in the USA. Water heaters can last anywhere between 8 to 20 years, depending on the variant and usage.

Water heaters are a fundamental part of every household. From heating the water to delivering it safely, your water heater is responsible for everything. Initially, water heaters would only run-on gas; however, other variants have been introduced with time.

The question arises, which of these is better for your home: electric or gas?

Here are five things to consider when you’re making the decision:


A water heater must have a simple and easy system to operate that doesn’t require unnecessary hassle. In this case, an electric heater is much better since it runs on electricity; you don’t have to worry about turning the gas on or off. This makes for an easier and simpler water heater.


Gas heaters require more energy to operate, which produces excessive waste for the environment. At the same time, electric heaters are more energy-efficient as they use most of the electricity used to keep the water warm without producing any waste for the environment.


When it comes to care and maintenance, electric heaters are quick and require minimum care since they do everything independently. In contrast, gas heaters require extra attention since their gas line and tanks must be checked periodically to avoid gas leakage or buildup.

Both the heaters require frequent system flushing to prevent mineral deposits from settling at the bottom of the tank and affecting the water.


Both the heaters have a straightforward installation process when being installed initially. However, if you currently use an electric heater and wish to switch to a gas one, it can get messy since new gas pipelines must be installed to run from the specific location of the heater.


Electric heaters have a lower upfront cost as they’re much cheaper than gas heaters. However, the monthly utility bill can dig a hole in your pockets since it uses quite a lot of electricity to run.

On the other hand, gas heaters have a relatively higher upfront cost, ranging between $1300 to $2600, but quite a low monthly utility bill since natural gas is quite affordable.

In the end, personal preference plays a huge role in deciding which heater is best. If you don’t mind putting in maintenance efforts every once in a while, and understanding a gas heater’s operating system, it’s quite a win due to the long-term savings on bills.

However, if you’re not great at remembering maintenance days or cannot put up with keeping a check on the gas tank, an electric heater is much better due to its easy-to-use system.

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