Which Common Plumbing Problems Do New Residents Face?

Which Common Plumbing Problems Do New Residents Face?

A newly constructed house sounds great when looking for a house—a brand new kitchen and freshly painted and plastered walls seem appealing. Newly constructed properties have many benefits, including kitchen faucets, hot water cylinders, and boilers, which are pretty expensive to replace and should last a long time.

However, it’s common for new constructions to face issues that are hard to identify unless you start living there. These issues mostly include plumbing problems which should be resolved immediately because further repairs can cost a lot. Always hire a professional plumbing service to inspect the house before moving in.

Here are some plumbing problems you may face if you’re shifting to a newly constructed house.

1. Pipes Clogging And Drain Blockage

There are higher chance of pipes getting clogged in a newly constructed building. Leftover construction material, improper pipe installation and the use of cheap material can cause pipe clogging which eventually leads to blocked drains. Clogged pipes are the beginning of all plumbing issues, so get them checked immediately.

2. Sewage Line Issues

Usually, people look for plumbing problems with incoming water only. You should pay attention to the drainage system as well. Sewage pipes may have various issues like cracks, leaks or obstructions by tree roots that can clog drain pipes. Clogged sewage drain pipes can lead to major structural damage to your property. So, it’s better to get them checked thoroughly.

3. Damaged Water Heater

A leak in the water heater tank can cause huge problems down the road. Internal thermostats or other issues can also make it work slow. If you have to wait too long for hot water, your water heater may need a plumbing service to repair it.

4. Look Out For Faucet and Toilet Leaks

Faucet  and toilet leaks are normal in every home, no matter how new or old it is. But, you have to get them fixed, otherwise the constant dripping will cost you with your water bill.

5. Low Water Flow

Low water flow can be really frustrating whether it’s in shower or kitchen faucet. This can happen in new constructions as well. If the main valves get clogged, it will affect the water pressure of your showers and faucets. If any of these issues are a problem for you, hire pro plumbers for the job. At Johnson Plumbing, we provide residential plumbing services or even emergency plumbing services in Reno. We’ve been providing all types of plumbing services for over 20 years. Contact us for further information.

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