Five Differences between Residential Plumbing and Industrial Plumbing

Five Differences between Residential Plumbing and Industrial Plumbing

If you think about it, what really is the difference between industrial and residential plumbing? Both plumbing systems have water running in them, so how is it different? Surprisingly, there’s a huge difference between both plumbing systems.

This is why there are almost 122,311 plumbing service providers in the United States, but not everyone can perform deal with industrial plumbing services. Largely, industrial plumbing requires technical skills, which most residential plumbers do not have.

There are four major differences between residential and industrial plumbing.

Different Grades of Pipes and Fixtures

The major difference between the industrial and residential plumbing system is the intense everyday use of industrial plumbing pipes, which requires high quality, durable, and heavy-duty pipes and fixtures. Sometimes, industrial systems require plumbing pipes of different materials.

On the other hand, residential plumbing does not require such a complicated and heavy plumbing system.

Complex Architecture

The structure of a household and an industry is different. Although households have straightforward plumbing systems that can be easily assessed, industrial systems have complex plumbing structures. Only experienced plumbers with in-depth knowledge can deal with industrial problems.

Possibilities of Damage

Industries face wear and tear issues due to heavy usage despite higher quality fixtures and durable pipes. This is because high-pressure fluids and water are passed through the system, often at much higher temperatures. Residential plumbing systems may not suffer that much wear and tear.

Large Scale Projects

Industrial plumbers deal with large-scale projects, from installing and planning to repairs and maintenance. The plumber has to be highly skilled to deal with it as it’s way more than easy plumbing techniques. Industrial plumbing also involves water plumbing design, backflow prevention, torpedo pipe cleaning, and more.

Usage Demand

This is the main difference between both industrial and residential plumbing. The overuse of household toilets can soon lead to wear and tear; the same can happen with industries. That’s why they require a better and more complex plumbing system as their traffic is a lot more than a normal household.

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