6 Things to Include in Your Bathroom Remodel

6 Things to Include in Your Bathroom Remodel

A remodeled bathroom adapts to your needs, updates style, and adds value to your house; you can induce several improvements while renovating your bathroom. A well-kept bathroom will serve you and your family for decades.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, here are six ideas to enhance its comfort space, storage, and functionality.

1. Hidden Toilet Tanks

Install the water storage tank of your toilet inside the wall if your bathroom is small. This design saves space and fits in with contemporary and modern toilet designs. Low-flow tanks also conserve water every time you flush. This idea will not only reduce your water bill but will add value to your house.

2. Textured Shower Tiles   

While remodeling your bathroom, you’ll make lots of choices for tiles, walls, and flooring. The most significant choice is the flooring of your shower. Use small, textured tiles for your shower floor to avoid slipping. These tiles add extra grouting, keeping you safe when your feet are soapy and wet.

3. Improve the Lighting

Ask your plumbing services to improve the lighting in your bathroom remodel. A well-lit bathroom will uplift the mood and enhance the functionality of your space. Recessed fixtures around the mirror will help you see better during a makeover, shave, or hairdo.

4. Choose Heated Flooring

Heated flooring isn’t expensive to install. It adds value to your house and reduces your energy bills in the long run. Compared to heating systems, heated flooring is much more efficient.

Bathroom tiles are naturally cold, and it becomes frustrating stepping onto them during winters. Therefore, this idea is best for people who live in cold areas.

5. Prioritize Ventilation  

Installing a ventilation system might not excite you, but it’s a vital part of a bathroom remodel. Add a small ventilation fan to your bathroom remodel to improve the air quality and draw out odors and moisture. It will also resist mildew and mold growth.

6. Add a Cabinet  

A recessed cabinet will give you more space without compromising your bathroom’s sleek look. It will help you store your toilet utilities, medicine, showering kits, etc.

Also, you wouldn’t worry about banging your head on a cabinet that’s not jutting out from the wall.

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