How To Conserve Water At Home

How To Conserve Water At Home

Reducing water usage not only saves you money but is also the right environmental decision. Here are some easy water conservation tips you can implement today to save water and cut down your bills.

Get Leaky Faucets Repaired

Minor faucet leaks may seem innocuous, but you’ll be shocked to learn how much water gets wasted due to the leakages. According to the EPA, American households waste 10,000 gallons of clean water annually on average. For the U.S. alone, it results in 1 trillion gallons of clean water going down the drain.

If you spot a leak in your faucets, repair them or call professional plumbing services to fix the leakages.

Install Flow Restricting Shower Heads

Hardware stores store flow restrictors that cut your water flow to about three gallons a minute instead of ten. They’re inexpensive and easy to install.

Consider Buying A Rain Barrel

A rain barrel is a good investment. You can store excess rainwater that can be used to water plants or clean your driveway instead of using your water supply. This practice can save you money on water bills.

Turn Off The Faucet While Brushing Or Shaving

You can save 8 gallons of freshwater every day by simply turning off the faucet every time you brush your teeth. That is 200 gallons of freshwater every month.

Restrict Your Lawn Watering To Morning And Evenings

According to experts, you should water your grass either in the morning or in the evening. That way, grass can absorb more water before it evaporates in the summer heat. Watering in the afternoon wastes water since water gets evaporated before grass can absorb it. This habit reduces the amount of water you need to keep your grass green.

Choose Shower Over A Bath

Shower trumps bath when it comes to water usage. An average bath can use up to 70 gallons of water, while a shower uses 15 to 25 gallons of water only. Although that long soak in the bathtub is relaxing, so is saving money from using less water.

If you want to get a plumbing inspection done to ensure you’re not wasting water, you can call Johnson Plumbing services. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Reno at affordable prices. Visit our website or contact us to schedule an appointment.

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