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When you hear rattling coming from the walls, we all hope it’s Santa coming down the chimney. The unfortunate truth? A rattling or distressed sound is usually a strong indication that your boiler is in need of repair or replacement.


This replacement may seem like a daunting task, similar to open-heart surgery for your home. Luckily, the truth is not so bad! A boiler replacement can take as little as one day with the proper planning, and even a complex upgrade could take only three days. Just enough time to sneak out of the house for a short trip and come back to years of savings!


To stop the rattling in your heart (if not your walls), we’re writing this short blog to discuss some of the considerations you may bring to a boiler replacement and how Johnson Plumbing is your top choice for repairs and renovations in the Reno area.

Signs a Boiler Replacement is Necessary


You don’t need to worry about an explosion—the signs your boiler is reaching the end of its life are thankfully subtle, and you can catch them coming up months in advance.


A few telltale signs are leaks around the boiler, abnormal bills, delays in heat times, and off-putting smells like burning rubber or plastics. Since boilers (even older ones) are designed efficiently and to produce no discernable waste, any strange output is a clear sign that the boiler is reaching the end of its useful lifespan.


Perform a visual inspection of the area and try to determine what is causing the problem. For leaks, some minor adjustments like tightening sockets may be performed. However, an expert should always perform any complex repair—especially those related to electronics or gas lines.

Steps Leading Up to a Replacement


If you have determined that your boiler is in need of replacement, there are a few steps you can take to minimize the downtime. These include preparing images and detailed documentation of issues leading up to your initial consultation.


Having a well-prepared area will ensure that workers can get in and out without disrupting any other flow of your home or business. If you’re stepping out for a weekend to allow the repairs to take place or to keep up with amenities like heat and warm water, preparing your space will also mean no off-hours phone calls from technicians who need guidance about your boiler room.


Firstly, clear the area as best you can to provide a clear line of movement from the door to the boiler area. Clearing the area means removing furniture, decor, and even the temporary dismantling of doors for maximum movement.


Secondly, coordinate with anyone involved. For a business, this may mean offering staff work-from-home hours or a few days off and, for homeowners, coordinating with family members and any home keepers that may be scheduled.


Thirdly, check in with your plumbing team to see if there is anything they require. Are there sufficient outlets in your boiler room? If not, consider supplying power bars and extension cords, so they don’t have to rummage for their own.

The Replacement Process

The replacement process will vary depending on the type of job your plumbing team is undertaking. For a similar-style replacement, a day may be all that is necessary. For more complex jobs and upgrades, budget at least three days away from the affected site for a complete overhaul.


After they are finished, your plumbing team will provide you with the necessary manuals and upkeep strategies to get the most life out of your new boiler and help you realize the savings most effectively.

Replacing a boiler isn’t as traumatizing as people think. And with savings, efficiency, and better services available through new innovations in HVAC, there has never been a better time to look into the process and take advantage of new technology yourself.


When you’re ready to replace your boiler in the Nevada area, give us a call or contact us online. We proudly offer 24/7 service for families and businesses of any size.

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