Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

As a homeowner or a DIY newbie, there’s a list of tools that can make your life easier when it comes to plumbing. A clogged sink or water leak can affect your day, mainly when you are too busy to wait for a repair service. With the right set of tools, you can DIY it in a matter of minutes. To help you be properly prepared for these situations, here are the plumbing tools every homeowner should have. 


You will need some plungers to deal with clogged sinks and toilets. The old-fashioned plunger is great for less dirty applications like cleaning a bathtub or sink. On the other hand, the flange plunger is used to unclog clogged toilets. 

Hand auger

If your plunger is not doing the job as you want, you should give it a try with a manual auger. This tool is efficient in restoring the flow of water. It’s used to remove hair and debris in bathtubs, showers, and drains. For the toilet, you will need a special toilet auger to prevent damaging the porcelain. 

Toilet wrench

For the spots that are a little hard to reach, the long handle of the toilet wrench is perfect. It allows you to tighten or loosen faucets that are not easily accessible. 

Pipe wrench

The pipe wrench plays the role of a plumbing staple. This plumbing tool has the weight to lock pipe fittings. If you have exposed pipes that you want to maintain a finish on, wrapping the sharp teeth of the wrench with a cloth will prevent damage. 

Adjustable wrench 

The adjustable wrench can tighten any nut or bolt in your home to fix small issues. Most tool sets come in various sizes, giving you a range of options for any project you may have. 

Strap wrench

A strap wrench is a great way to avoid damaging the surface of a pipe as a pipe wrench would. To make the best use of the strap wrench, wrap it around the hose or attachment, tighten and twist. 


There are many different types of pliers, and any of them can be helpful in plumbing. If you have a pair of needle-nose pliers, you’ll find that they work well on small fittings. These plumbing tools also have the added benefit of removing hair from the shower or tub drain without having to get out the hand auger. 


If you are an extreme do-it-yourselfer who needs to cut through a PVC pipe, the hacksaw will do the job. And with a little effort and change of blade, it will also cut through your metal pipes. 

Pipe cutter

A pipe cutter is a must-have plumbing instrument if you work with copper pipes. Clean and square cuts are required for copper, and the pipe cutter does this with far less effort than a hacksaw. When you crank the tool’s knob, it has a thin cutting wheel that slices the metal, and a flat pressure wheel that exerts pressure. Attach the tool to a pipe and spin it around it two or three times before tightening the knob. 

Faucet packing, rubber washers, and O-rings

Faucet packing, rubber washers, and O-rings are lifesavers for repairing leaky faucets on sinks, radiators, and other old or traditional equipment. Packing is graphite or wax-coated string that you wrap around the faucet stems and place under the trim nuts to create a tight seal. Rubber washers and O-rings are sold in various packages containing different shapes and sizes. If you’re repairing an old faucet and can’t find an official replacement part in stores, a variety pack may contain the piece you need. It’s handy to have one on hand because it can save you a trip to the store.  

Wire tape

This plumbing tool is an item that everyone should have at home. Teflon tape usually comes with new plumbing fixtures, but it can be useful if you are making modifications. The thin white tape should be wrapped around the male end of the thread in a clockwise direction to ensure a seal. 

Duct tape

Every DIYer should have a roll or two of duct tape on hand. A good quality one can help you hold things together when needed. For example, it can keep a leak from turning into a flood until you can fix things properly. 

Plumbers putty

A caulking gun loaded with caulk or silicone can do wonders for more permanent waterproof solutions. Wrapping the cut end with a piece of duct tape can help keep the contents ready for use later. 

Plumber’s Torch 

If you are going to solder copper pies, a plumber’s torch is essential. They are small enough to quickly solder pipes in places that a standard torch can’t reach. These tools allow you to weld with more precision and control, which is crucial in a job like this. 

Press-fit system

The press-fit system is the most cost-effective method of sealing pipes. These fittings are used to press two pipes together and create a seal that prevents water from escaping. 

Acid flux brush

An acid flux brush is an essential plumbing tool for soldering copper pipes. Although it is a simple tool, this brush is essential if you are going to be soldering copper pipes. Plus, the acid flux brush is not very expensive.

Combination tool

You will need to clean the pipes at some point. A combination tool helps you make it easier. It’s a great way to ensure the maintenance and not have to change the hoses as often.

Deburring tool 

Burrs can often be removed from pipes. It’s much easier, safer, and faster with deburring tools. They are durable and high-quality, thus, making them a good investment. 

Reaming tools

Reaming tools can be used to enlarge openings and holes in pipes. Some of them are manual and are used with a T-shaped handle, while others can be mounted onto a drill.

Metal file

After cutting the pipe, you will need a metal file to smooth the edges. This is the fastest and easiest method to do it. Metal files are recommended for homeowners and anyone else who might cut pipes. 

Pipe Benders

You will need to bend copper and plastic pipes into new shapes at some point. Tube benders can do this job properly. Even though they can be costly, tube benders are very effective.

Drain snakes

Drain snakes are larger, motorized, and more powerful versions of hand augers. They are more comfortable and can be used to remove stubborn clogs. 


Goggles are part of the safety equipment you need to stay safe when doing DIY work at home. When dealing with plumbing repair, many things can potentially cause eye damage. While inspecting pipes and leaks, contaminants such as water, chunks and metals, and sparks can cause eye damage. It is advisable to wear protective eyewear when performing plumbing work. 


A set of gloves is a must for every plumbing job. There will be many things you don’t want to touch with your bare hands. That’s why heavy-duty gloves are necessary. They can also protect your hands from sharp metal. 

Heat shields

For bigger work like welding, heat shields are essential. They will protect you and your surroundings from the heat of the torch. They also protect you from unnecessary fires that can occur when flammable materials get too hot around the torch. To prevent any damage from heat, you need to buy reliable heat shields. 

PEX pipe expander and fittings

This unique tubing system is easier to use than traditional tubing. The tubing is flexible and can be expanded with a drill-like instrument to increase the mouth of the tubing. A metal frame can then be installed. After being stretched, the pipe will retain its shape so that it quickly closes around the fitting. This seals the water.

Stubby screwdriver

A stubby screwdriver facilitates access to screws located in areas that would be difficult to reach with an ordinary screwdriver. The screws could be in places that are not very open, or that could have something blocking access from the opposite side.


Crimpers can be used to work with all types of PEX tubing. They allow you to join two pieces of metal together, as well as other types of piping. They can also be used to bend pipes so that one holds the other.

Sewer Camera

A sewer camera is a tiny and flexible camera attached to a cable, much like a sewer snake. It is used to reach the point of blockage or breakage to remedy the problem with as little invasive behavior as possible.

There are many plumbing tools you can use safely without causing severe damage to your plumbing system, even if you mess up the work. However, other tools require an expert. At Johnson Plumbing, we are plumbing experts who take care of your emergencies 24/7, focusing on safety and efficiency. We are always available to come to your rescue, regardless of the time of day.

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