7 Weird Things People Have Flushed Down The Toilet

If you have a blocked drain, chances are someone has flushed something down the toilet that didn’t belong there. We’ve all heard of some pretty strange things going down the toilet, but did you know that some of these things can actually be harmful to your pipes? From goldfish to live bombs, here’s a list of 7 weird things people have flushed down the toilet. Some of them might surprise you!

An Actual Live Goldfish

It’s a well-known fact that goldfish are a favorite pet for many children. They’re so popular, in fact, that you can easily purchase them at toy stores and sometimes even at the grocery store.

When they meet their end, some would-be owners try to dispose of them in the most humane method possible, while others may opt for the “easiest” method – like flushing it down the toilet – unaware that there can be dire consequences. Flushing a live goldfish down the toilet could cause it to mutate into a freakishly large size, which is presumably what happened to a goldfish that was recently fished out of Niagara River in New York.

Fake Poker Chips

We’d like to think that the majority of gamblers enjoy fair play, but one player made news when he chose to utilize fraudulent poker chips. In 2014, a man from Atlantic City, New Jersey, arrived at a poker game with phony chips worth $2.7 million.

The diligent con artist continued to play with his bogus chips throughout the event, winning around $6,814. Afterward, he flushed the counterfeit chips down his hotel room’s toilet drain – possibly out of fear of being caught fake-poker-chip-handed – a choice he would later come to regret as the hotel’s plumbing became clogged by the bogus chips. Thanks to this impulsive and downright gutsy move, the police managed to find and arrest him.


Children really love to flush any object down their toilet drains, whether they are playing or acting out. According to Direct Line Home Insurance research, 2.5 million Lego blocks have been thrown down toilets by youngsters under the age of ten.

Most plumbers across the world find all types of beloved and despised toys while clearing clogged toilet drains. It’s the magic of “now you see it, now you don’t” – children appear to be genuinely mystified by objects that mysteriously vanish before their eyes.

WW2 Bomb

A trip to the restroom can occasionally be rather explosive – especially after a particularly spicy curry or burrito. Believe it or not, sometimes the thing being flushed down the toilet is actually explosive, such as when a genuine World War II bomb was discovered in a toilet, shocking residents in Stockport, Manchester. 

When someone called the police to report spotting a “weird item,” the cops quickly determined that it was a live bomb from World War II and moved rapidly to seal the area around the toilet and evacuate everyone to safety to make sure the bomb didn’t go off.

A bomb squad was called in to help, and they gently removed the three-inch mortar and carried it to a neighboring site where they set it off. The harmful device was rendered inert by a carefully timed explosion.

Rolex Watch

When a woman from Chino Hills, California flushed, her expensive $8,500 Rolex went “plopping” down the toilet! The woman overcame her initial shock upon learning that her luxury wristwatch was missing and phoned plumbers to assist her in finding it. However, after doing a thorough search, she was disappointed to discover that it was nowhere to be found. Eventually, she came to terms with the loss of her costly gift..

In a great turn of events, a plumber who was engaged in the initial search found a Rolex among the wreckage while working a mile downhill 18 months later. The plumber got in touch with the owner after remembering the prior search, who was ecstatic with the unexpected find. The Rolex only had one stone missing after a thorough polishing, which is incredible! Imagine that.


In this technological day and age, it’s far from unheard of for someone to accidentally drop their phone in the toilet bowl, and we’re sure many of us have had to fish our device out of the toilet at one time or another. 

For some unfortunate people, dropping their phone into the toilet bowl ended with it actually being flushed down the drain. Even the biggest bowl of rice wouldn’t be able to bring that cellphone back from the brink. 

Toilet Becomes Pup-cuzzi

This last one didn’t begin as a story about something being flushed down the toilet, but that’s where it ended. Kids really do come up with the strangest ideas, like that of a four-year-old child who decided to give his dog a special bath in the toilet. 

After a muddy neighborhood walk, the youngster bathed his closest friend in the toilet bowl, which he used as a makeshift jacuzzi. Sadly, when washing him off, the young child accidentally flushed the puppy down the toilet! They were fortunate that a plumber quickly found the puppy in the drainage pipes using specialized camera equipment, enabling a speedy rescue. 

What to do When You Flush Something that Shouldn’t be Flushed

Whether it’s a goldfish, poker chips, or your new Rolex, most of us have accidentally dropped something in the toilet bowl and possibly flushed that “something” down the toilet drains. But what do you do when you flush something that should most definitely not have been flushed down the toilet?

First up, to avoid any unintentional overflow, you should turn off the water supply to the toilet and shut the flapper.

The toilet trap – the curved portion of your toilet that connects to the drainpipe where all of your waste goes when you flush – is where you should be looking for the object. Hopefully, it’s trapped there. If you can feel the thing, try to loosen it.

If that doesn’t work, try a plunger next. Our Johnson Plumbing insider tip is to warm up the plunger by running it under hot water first. This will loosen the rubber and produce a better seal thus, increasing your chances of finding your item. To move the object and drag it up toward you, you’ll need to plunge with the plunger at least 20 times, if not more.

If that fails, drain the water from the toilet tank and basin. Then, if you don’t already have one, go out and purchase a steel snake with a crank handle. After the snake grabs the item, pull firmly, but be cautious. Make sure you get the proper snake, as some are made to dislodge rather than retrieve; otherwise, the flushed item could fall down the drain rather than up it.

In an ideal scenario, Bob’s your uncle, and the item is within view. You grab it and presto! Clean the object – thoroughly – before returning it to its rightful owner or resting place. Restart the water supply to your toilet, then check to make sure it is operational. However, in a less-than-ideal situation where none of these steps help you to locate and retrieve the item, then what? 

In this case, what you’ll want to do is contact a licensed plumber for their expert assistance, as the next step includes removing the toilet itself, requiring the use of specialized plumbing tools, and will take more time and effort to learn how to do it all than you probably want to. 

From clogged sinks and toilets to dripping faucets and broken sump pumps, Johnson Plumbing can assist you with all of your plumbing repairs or pipe replacement needs – both commercial and residential.

We are a leading emergency plumbing company, and we take great pride in providing top-notch local plumbing services to Reno, Sparks, Carson, and the neighboring Northern Nevada communities. If you’ve flushed something down the drain and need an expert’s assistance – or simply don’t want to get your hands dirty (understandably) – we’ve got you covered.

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