Do You Need a New Tankless Water Heater?

May 25, 2023

Hot water is essential, so you don’t want to wait until your water heater suddenly stops working to replace it. If your tankless water heater is getting on in years, then here’s how you can decide if it’s time for a replacement.



The age of your water heater is the easiest way to tell if it’s time for a replacement. Even if you take good care of your water heater, you can’t expect it to last forever. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a tankless water heater should last at least 20 years. Keep in mind that your water heater won’t last that long if you don’t maintain it, and the lifespan of your water heater may be shorter if you have particularly hard water.



You probably don’t need to replace your water heater if it’s working perfectly fine, but you might want to consider a replacement unit if you’ve got any problems. Is your water heater having trouble providing a constant stream of hot water like it used to? Are you having trouble running multiple fixtures at once when you used to be able to? If your tankless water heater isn’t working right, then it might be time for a replacement.



Your hot water usage might have changed since you had your water heater installed, in which case you might want to upgrade. Tankless water heaters provide a certain amount of hot water per minute, so upgrading to a higher GPM water heater can allow you to use more fixtures in your home without running out of hot water.

Repair Cost


If your tankless water heater is several years old and you’re faced with expensive repairs, then you’re probably better off replacing the unit entirely. Spending a little money on repairs can be a smart way to save money, but it’s not smart to spend too much on repairs. If the cost of repairing and replacing your water heater is similar, then you should replace it.


You count on your water heater to provide hot water every day, so you can’t afford to have unexpected water heater problems. If your tankless water heater is getting old or having issues, then it might be time for a replacement. Call Johnson Plumbing to learn more about replacing your tankless water heater today.